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Journal with current issue fulltextCountryRank
Aberdeen Student Law Review United Kingdom 1330
Accord, A Legal Journal for Practioners US 1330
Advance: The Journal of the ACS Issue Groups US 1238
African Human Rights Law Journal South Africa 1048
Akron Law Review US 89
Alabama Law Review US 50
Alaska Justice Forum US 1330
Alaska Law Review US 576
Albany Government Law Review US 352
American Journal of Criminal Law US 248
American Journal of International Law Unbound US 1513
American Journal of Mediation US 1330
American University Intellectual Property Brief US 1107
American University Labor & Employment Law Forum US 775
American University Law Review US 39
Amsterdam Law Forum Netherlands 1048
Antitrust Source US 518
Arctic Review on Law and Politics Norway 1238
Arizona Journal of Environmental Law & Policy US 506
Arizona Journal of International and Comparative Law US 442
Arizona Law Review US 43
Arizona State Law Journal US 123
Arizona Summit Law Review US 683
Army Lawyer US 565
Asian-Pacific Law & Policy Journal US 527
Atlantic Law Journal US 1513
Australia & New Zealand Law & History E-Journal Australia 1330
Australian and New Zealand Maritime Law Journal Australia 1238
Australian Journal of Gender and Law Australia 1330
Bar Examiner US 1330
Baylor Law Review US 240
Beijing Law Review US 1238
Berkeley Journal of Criminal Law US 312
Berkeley Journal of Employment and Labor Law US 180
Berkeley Journal of Entertainment & Sports Law US 1513
Berkeley Journal of International Law US 138
Berkeley Journal of Middle Eastern & Islamic Law US 1330
Boston College Intellectual Property and Technology Forum US 434
Boston College Journal of Law and Social Justice US 306
Boston College Law Review US 30
Boston University International Law Journal US 226
Boston University Journal of Science & Technology Law US 168
Boston University Law Review US 27
Boston University Public Interest Law Journal US 270
Brandeis University Law Journal US 1330
Brigham Young University Journal of Public Law US 312
Brooklyn Journal of Corporate, Financial & Commercial Law US 290
Brooklyn Journal of International Law US 168
Brooklyn Law Review US 96
Buffalo Environmental Law Journal US 511
Buffalo Law Review US 66
Business & Bankruptcy Law Journal US 1513
Business Law Today US 763
California Law Review US 12
Campbell Law Review US 381
Canadian Journal of Law and Technology Canada 878
Canberra Law Review Australia 1330
Cardozo Arts & Entertainment Law Journal US 118
Cardozo Journal of Conflict Resolution US 364
Cardozo Journal of International & Comparative Law US 312
Cardozo Law Review US 24
Cardozo Law Review De Novo US 415
Case Western Reserve Journal of International Law US 276
Case Western Reserve Law Review US 222
Catholic University Law Review US 133
Cato Supreme Court Review US 116
Chicago-Kent Journal of International and Comparative Law US 620
Chicago-Kent Law Review US 131
Child Welfare US 980
City University of New York (CUNY) Law Review US 654
Colorado Natural Resources, Energy, & Environmental Law Review US 376
Colorado Technology Law Journal US 225
Columbia Journal of Asian Law US 398
Columbia Journal of Environmental Law US 256
Columbia Journal of Law & the Arts US 191
Columbia Journal of Law and Social Problems US 338
Columbia Journal of Transnational Law US 109
Columbia Law Review US 4
Columbia Law Review Sidebar US 240
Columbia Science and Technology Law Review US 229
CommLaw Conspectus: Journal of Communications Law and Policy US 434
Connecticut Insurance Law Journal US 449
Connecticut Law Review US 32
Connecticut Public Interest Law Journal US 418
Cork Online Law Review Ireland 1330
Cornell International Law Journal US 172
Cornell Law Review US 16
Corporate Governance eJournal Australia 1330
Court Review: The Journal of the American Judges Association US 741
Creighton Law Review US 284
Crit: A Critical Studies Journal US 859
Dartmouth Law Journal US 1048
Delaware Journal of Corporate Law US 103
DePaul Law Review US 58
Drake Law Review US 205
Drexel Law Review US 338
Drug Court Review US 1330
Duke Environmental Law & Policy Forum US 261
Duke Journal of Comparative & International Law US 172
Duke Journal of Constitutional Law & Public Policy US 238
Duke Journal of Gender Law & Policy US 147
Duke Law & Technology Review US 218
Duke Law Journal US 21
East Asia Law Review US 763
Ecology Law Currents US 707
Edinburgh Student Law Review United Kingdom 1330
eJournal of Tax Research Australia 1164
Elon Law Review US 894
Emory Bankruptcy Developments Journal US 464
Emory International Law Review US 338
Emory Law Journal US 29
Engage: the journal of the Federalist Society's practice groups US 1238
Entertainment and Sports Law Journal United Kingdom 1164
Environmental and Earth Law Journal US 1513
Environmental Law US 151
Environs: Environmental Law and Policy Journal US 518
Erasmus Law Review Netherlands 809
European Journal of Current Legal Issues (2015 - ) United Kingdom 980
European Journal of Legal Studies Italy 790
European Journal of Probation Romania 1330
False Claims Act and Qui Tam Quarterly Review US 1238
Federal Communications Law Journal US 344
Federal Courts Law Review US 248
Fletcher Forum of World Affairs US 724
Florida A & M University Law Review US 878
Florida Coastal Law Review US 544
Florida Law Review US 38
Florida Law Review Forum US 1513
Florida State University Law Review US 70
Fordham Intellectual Property, Media & Entertainment Law Journal US 106
Fordham International Law Journal US 143
Fordham Law Review US 10
Fordham Urban Law Journal US 83
Freedom Center Journal US 1330
Fundamina: A Journal of Legal History South Africa 1330
George Mason Journal of International Commercial Law US 1330
George Mason Law Review US 60
George Mason University Civil Rights Law Journal US 312
George Washington Journal of Energy and Environmental Law US 826
Georgetown Law Journal US 8
Georgia Law Review US 48
German Law Journal Germany 423
Golden Gate University Law Review US 415
Gonzaga Journal of International Law US 630
Göttingen Journal of International Law Germany 1012
Hanse Law Review Germany 980
Harvard Business Law Review US 59
Harvard Environmental Law Review US 48
Harvard Human Rights Journal US 205
Harvard International Law Journal US 56
Harvard International Law Journal Online US 630
Harvard Journal of Law & Gender US 76
Harvard Journal of Law & Technology US 33
Harvard Journal of Sports and Entertainment Law US 1330
Harvard Journal on Racial and Ethnic Justice US 518
Harvard Latino Law Review US 274
Harvard Law & Policy Review US 73
Harvard Law Review US 1
Harvard Law Review Forum US 294
Harvard National Security Journal US 270
Hastings Law Journal US 35
Hastings Science & Technology Law Journal US 477
Health and Human Rights: An International Journal US 914
Health Matrix: Journal of Law-Medicine US 331
Hofstra Labor and Employment Law Journal US 460
Hofstra Law Review US 69
Houston Law Review US 63
Howard Law Journal US 191
Human Rights Brief US 729
IDEA: The Intellectual Property Law Review US 222
ILSA Journal of International and Comparative Law US 497
India Law Journal India 1330
Indiana Law Journal US 28
Indiana Law Journal Supplement US 729
Indiana Law Review US 200
Indigenous Law Journal Canada 809
International Data Privacy Law United Kingdom 729
International Free and Open Source Software Law Review Netherlands 1238
International Journal of Charity Sector Law US 1330
International Journal of Law & Education Australia 1238
International Journal of Not-for-Profit Law US 1012
International Law Studies US 914
International Review of the Red Cross Switzerland 605
Iowa Law Review US 19
Iowa Law Review Online US 1513
John Marshall Journal of Information Technology & Privacy Law US 552
John Marshall Law Journal US 518
John Marshall Review of Intellectual Property Law US 240
Journal for Juridical Science South Africa 1330
Journal Jurisprudence Australia 1164
Journal of Animal & Environmental Law US 1238
Journal of Business & Securities Law US 486
Journal of Catholic Legal Studies US 605
Journal of Civil Law Studies US 914
Journal of Consumer & Commercial Law US 878
Journal of Environmental Law and Litigation US 497
Journal of Ethics & Social Philosophy US 944
Journal of Hate Studies US 1238
Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law US 594
Journal of High Technology Law US 413
Journal of International Business & Law US 584
Journal of International Commercial Law and Technology Denmark 1012
Journal of Japanese Law Germany 1012
Journal of Land Use & Environmental Law US 287
Journal of Law & Politics US 257
Journal of Law and Health US 434
Journal of Law and Policy US 165
Journal of Law and Social Deviance US 1513
Journal of Legal Analysis US 52
Journal of National Security Law & Policy US 318
Journal of Philosophy, Science & Law US 859
Journal of Politics and Law Canada 1238
Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law US 729
Journal of the Australasian Tax Teachers Association Australia 1164
Juridica International Estonia 1238
Jurimetrics US 270
Justice Israel 1513
Kentucky Law Journal US 209
King's Student Law Review United Kingdom 1330
Law Library Journal US 559
Law, Environment and Development Journal United Kingdom 1164
Law, Social Justice & Global Development United Kingdom 980
Legal Communication & Rhetoric: JALWD US 624
Legal Management US 1238
Legal Writing: The Journal of the Legal Writing Institute US 497
Legislation and Policy Brief US 1164
Lewis & Clark Law Review US 44
Lex Localis: Journal of Local Self-Government Slovenia 1330
Los Angeles Public Interest Law Journal US 1012
Louisiana Law Review US 180
Loyola Law Review US 389
Loyola of Los Angeles Entertainment Law Review US 477
Loyola of Los Angeles Law Review US 123
Loyola University Chicago Law Journal US 129
Marquette Law Review US 163
Maryland Law Review US 70
McGill Journal of Law and Health Canada 775
Media & Arts Law Review Australia 1012
Melbourne Journal of International Law Australia 559
Melbourne University Law Review Australia 584
Mercer Law Review US 306
Mexican Law Review Mexico 1048
Michigan Business and Entrepreneurial Law Review US 1513
Michigan Journal of Environmental and Administrative Law US 100
Michigan Journal of Gender & Law US 180
Michigan Journal of International Law US 98
Michigan Journal of Race & Law US 163
Michigan Law Review US 5
Michigan Law Review First Impressions US 370
Michigan State International Law Review US 456
Michigan State Law Review US 67
Michigan Telecommunications and Technology Law Review US 118
Military Law Review US 511
Minnesota Journal of International Law US 235
Minnesota Journal of Law, Science & Technology US 197
Minnesota Law Review US 9
Minnesota Law Review Headnotes US 683
Mississippi College Law Review US 428
Missouri Environmental Law and Policy Review US 611
Missouri Law Review US 101
Mitchell Hamline Law Review US 191
Mizan Law Review Ethiopia 1048
Modern American: A Scholarly Publication Dedicated to Diversity and the Law US 914
Mustang Journal of Law & Legal Studies US 1513
National Taiwan University Law Review Taiwan 1107
Naval Law Review US 654
Nebraska Law Review US 112
New York University Environmental Law Journal US 165
New York University Journal of International Law and Politics US 261
New York University Journal of Law & Business US 240
New York University Journal of Legislation and Public Policy US 212
New York University Law Review US 13
New York University Review of Law & Social Change US 138
New Zealand Journal of Environmental Law New Zealand 1238
News Media & the Law US 1238
Nordic Journal of Commercial Law Finland 980
North Carolina Banking Institute US 357
North Carolina Journal of International Law and Commercial Regulation US 290
North Carolina Journal of Law & Technology US 203
North Carolina Law Review US 25
Northeastern University Law Journal US 790
Northern Illinois University Law Review US 497
Northwestern Interdisciplinary Law Review US 1012
Northwestern Journal of Law and Social Policy US 331
Northwestern Journal of Technology and Intellectual Property US 175
Northwestern Law Review US 15
Northwestern University Journal of International Human Rights US 464
Northwestern University Law Review Online (2014- ) US 155
Notre Dame Law Review US 17
NUJS Law Review India 1048
Ocean and Coastal Law Journal US 630
Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law US 91
Ohio State Law Journal US 42
Oklahoma Law Review US 357
Oregon Law Review US 175
Oxford University Comparative Law Forum United Kingdom 1012
Pace Environmental Law Review US 274
Pace International Law Review US 576
Pace Law Review US 218
Peking University Transnational Law Review China 1513
Penn State Law Review Penn Statim US 535
Perspectives: Teaching Legal Research and Writing US 894
Pittsburgh Journal of Technology Law and Policy US 544
Potchefstroom Electronic Law Journal South Africa 1107
QUT Law Review Australia 1048
Regent University Law Review US 434
Revenue Law Journal Australia 1330
Richmond Journal of Law and Technology US 180
Richmond Journal of Law and the Public Interest US 1048
Rocky Mountain Law Journal US 1513
Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Institute Proceedings US 859
Roman Legal Tradition US 1330
Rutgers Business Law Review US 511
Rutgers Journal of Law & Religion US 729
Rutgers Journal of Law and Public Policy US 363
Rutgers Law Record US 456
Rutgers University Law Review (2015 - ) US 188
Saint Louis University Journal of Health Law & Policy US 527
Saint Louis University Law Journal US 138
San Diego International Law Journal US 425
San Diego Law Review US 136
San Joaquin Agricultural Law Review US 790
Santa Clara High Technology Law Journal US 112
Santa Clara Law Review US 104
SCRIPTed: a Journal of Law, Technology & Society United Kingdom 826
Sea Grant Law & Policy Journal US 944
SMU Law Review US 98
SMU Science and Technology Law Review US 712
South African Journal of Bioethics and Law South Africa 1330
Southern California Law Review US 37
Southern California Law Review Postscript US 1238
Southern Illinois University Law Journal US 406
Southern Journal of Business and Ethics US 1513
Southern Law Journal US 1164
Sports Law eJournal Australia 1238
St. John's Law Review US 156
St. Louis University Public Law Review US 381
St. Mary's Law Journal US 331
Stanford Journal of Animal Law and Policy US 537
Stanford Law Review US 2
Stanford Law Review Online US 161
Stanford Technology Law Review US 118
Suffolk Transnational Law Review US 460
Supreme Court Law Review Canada 844
SUR - International Journal on Human Rights Brazil 944
Sustainable Development Law & Policy US 582
Sydney Law Review Australia 527
Syracuse Journal of Science and Technology Law US 763
Temple Law Review US 92
Texas International Law Journal US 212
Texas Law Review See Also US 674
Texas Review of Law and Politics US 344
Thomas Jefferson Law Review US 552
Thurgood Marshall Law Review US 584
Touro International Law Review US 826
Touro Law Review US 497
Trade, Law and Development India 724
Tribal Law Journal US 1048
Tsinghua China Law Review China 944
Tulane Law Review US 62
U.C. Davis Business Law Journal US 464
U.C. Davis Law Review US 22
UCLA Journal of Law and Technology US 327
UCLA Law Review US 6
UCLA Law Review Discourse US 669
Unbound: Harvard Journal of the Legal Left US 729
University of Baltimore Journal of International Law US 1513
University of Baltimore Law Forum US 790
University of Chicago Law Review US 23
University of Cincinnati Law Review US 60
University of Colorado Law Review US 74
University of Denver Criminal Law Review US 1513
University of Illinois Law Review US 26
University of Kansas Law Review US 153
University of Massachusetts Law Review US 1330
University of Memphis Law Review US 290
University of Miami Business Law Review US 456
University of Miami Inter-American Law Review US 1048
University of Miami International and Comparative Law Review US 527
University of Miami Law Review US 127
University of Miami Race & Social Justice Law Review US 1513
University of Michigan Journal of Law Reform US 94
University of New Hampshire Law Review US 406
University of Pennsylvania Journal of Constitutional Law US 53
University of Pennsylvania Journal of International Law US 137
University of Pennsylvania Law Review US 6
University of Pittsburgh Law Review US 200
University of Puerto Rico Business Law Journal US 844
University of Richmond Law Review US 89
University of San Francisco Law Review US 156
University of St. Thomas Law Journal US 306
University of the Pacific Law Review US 280
UNLV Gaming Law Journal US 878
Utah Law Review US 106
Utrecht Journal of International and European Law 1513
Utrecht Law Review Netherlands 763
Valparaiso University Law Review US 200
Vanderbilt Journal of Entertainment and Technology Law US 172
Vanderbilt Law Review US 18
Vanderbilt Law Review En Banc US 418
Vermont Journal of Environmental Law US 294
Vermont Law Review US 191
Villanova Law Review US 165
Virginia Journal of Criminal Law US 700
Virginia Journal of International Law US 47
Virginia Journal of Law & Technology US 280
Virginia Law & Business Review US 191
Virginia Law Review US 11
Virginia Law Review In Brief US 276
Wake Forest Journal of Business and Intellectual Property Law US 630
Wake Forest Law Review US 45
Waseda Bulletin of Comparative Law Japan 1164
Washburn Law Journal US 158
Washington and Lee Journal of Energy, Climate, and the Environment US 809
Washington and Lee Law Review US 46
Washington and Lee Law Review Online US 1513
Washington Journal of Law, Technology & Arts US 576
Washington Law Review US 51
Washington Law Review Online US 1513
Washington University Global Studies Law Review US 552
Washington University Journal of Law and Policy US 143
Washington University Law Review Commentaries US 1513
West Virginia Law Review Online US 1513
Western Criminology Review US 1238
Western New England Law Review US 364
Widener Journal of Law, Economics and Race US 894
Widener Law Review US 425
William and Mary Business Law Review US 565
Wisconsin Law Review US 36
Wyoming Law Review US 434
Yale Journal of International Law US 77
Yale Journal of International Law Online US 471
Yale Journal of Law & Technology US 72
Yale Law & Policy Review Inter Alia US 442
Yale Law Journal US 3
Yale Law Journal Forum US 138