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  Brigham Young University International Law & Management Review
    International Law & Management Review (v.1 2005 - v.2 no. 1 2006)
  Volume 1, Spring 2005
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  • The Viability of Stimulating Technology-Oriented Entrepreneurial Activity in China, Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea: How Regulations and Culture Encourage the Creation, Development, and Exploitation of Intellectual Property
        Matthew Goldberg
        p.1                                                                                          +cite        
  • Compensation for "Measures Tantamount to Expropriation" Under NAFTA: What It Means and Why It Matters
        Jeffrey Turk
        p.41                                                                                        +cite        
  • Negotiating a Commercial "Most Favored Nation" Clause
        Stirling Adams
        p.79                                                                                        +cite        
  • Conglomerating Antitrust Policy by Comparative Example: A Conceptual Analysis of Merger Regulation in the United States, Japan, and the European Union
        Jonathan Trexler
        p.111                                                                                      +cite        

  • The EU Data Protection Directive: Implementing a W√≥rldwide Data Protection Regime and How the U.S. Position Has Progressed
        Seth Hobby
        p.155                                                                                      +cite        
  • Privatization of Space Ventures: Proposing a Proven Regulatory Theory for Future Extraterrestrial Appropriation
        Jonathan Thomas
        p.191                                                                                      +cite        
  • Use of WTO Panel Decisions in Judicial Review of Administrative Action Under U.S. Antidumping Law
        Dan Nichols
        p.237                                                                                      +cite        
  • The World Summit on the Information Society: Making The Case For Private Industry Filtering to Control Extraterritorial Jurisdiction and Transnational Internet Censorship Conflicts
        Jay Wahlquist
        p.283                                                                                      +cite        

  • Brazil Enacts New Federal Bankruptcy Laws
        Gilberto Deon Correa Junior and Ricardo C. Veirano
        p.311                                                                                      +cite        
  • Brazil Presses Forward with Economic Reform, Solidifying a Fresh Start
        Gabriel Sanchez and Augusto Perez
        p.315                                                                                      +cite        
  • U.S. Government Raises the Bar on "Deemed Exports"
        Conan Grames
  • The Free Trade Area of the Americas: The Great Challenge for Dispute Resolution
        Salvador Juncadella and Matthew Poulter