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  ALI-ABA Estate Planning Course Materials Journal
  Volume 12, Number 3, June 2006
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  • No Lapse/Secondary Guarantee Life Insurance Policies: What Are They, And Are They Appropriate For Estate Planning?
        John T. Bannen
        p.5                                                                                          +cite        
        What the no lapse guarantee policy adds to the traditional universal life design is a secondary guarantee (i.e., in addition to any guarantee with respect to crediting rates, mortality costs, or expense loads) that if a certain premium or premiums are paid in the manner specified in the contract, the policy will not lapse. Yet these policies are fraught with hidden traps that an advisor or fiduciary must fully comprehend to avoid finger-pointing and litigation should the economic promise of the policies not come to fruition. (Updated from the ALI-ABA Course of Study, Sophisticated Estate Planning Techniques, September 8-9, 2005.)
  • Private Placement Life Insurance Planning (Part 1)
        Leslie C. Giordani and Michael H. Ripp, Jr.
        p.43                                                                                        +cite        
        This outline will examine two strategies that fall outside the bounds of a traditional estate planning framework but are well within the "big picture" that clients wish their estate planners to address, and in many ways the two strategies go hand in hand with each other. The first is private placement variable universal life insurance ("PPVLIL"), which is an investment-oriented strategy that can dramatically improve the tax efficiency of a client's investment portfolio. The second is hedge fund investing, an investment strategy that has rapidly gained popularity among taxable investors in today's equity market environment due to its ability to deliver superior risk adjusted returns in both bull and bear markets. (Updated from the ALI-ABA Course of Study, International Trust and Estate Planning, August 25-26, 2005.)