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  Artificial Intelligence and Law   (Netherlands)
  Volume 17, Number 4, December 2009
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  • Cognitive automata and the law: electronic contracting and the intentionality of software agents
        Giovanni Sartor
        p.253-290                                                                              +cite        
  • Meta-relation and ontology closure in Conceptual Structure Theory
        Philip H. P. Nguyen, Ken Kaneiwa, Dan R. Corbett and Minh-Quang Nguyen
        p.291-320                                                                              +cite        
  • Teaching a process model of legal argument with hypotheticals
        Kevin D. Ashley
        p.321-370                                                                              +cite        
  • Hendrik Kaptein, Henry Prakken and Bart Verheij (eds): Review of legal evidence and proof: statistics, stories, logic Farnham, Ashgate, Applied Legal Philosophy Series, 2009, 288 pp
        Douglas Walton
        p.371-377                                                                              +cite