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  Artificial Intelligence and Law   (Netherlands)
  Volume 18, Number 1, March 2010
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  • Integrating induction and deduction for finding evidence of discrimination
        Salvatore Ruggieri, Dino Pedreschi and Franco Turini
        p.1-43                                                                                    +cite        
  • Identification of Rhetorical Roles for Segmentation and Summarization of a Legal Judgment
        M. Saravanan and B. Ravindran
        p.45-76                                                                                  +cite        
  • Disclosing false identity through hybrid link analysis
        Tossapon Boongoen, Qiang Shen and Chris Price
        p.77-102                                                                                +cite        
  • Intelligent agents and liability: is it a doctrinal problem or merely a problem of explanation?
        Emad Abdel Rahim Dahiyat
        p.103-121                                                                              +cite