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  Artificial Intelligence and Law   (Netherlands)
  Volume 15, Number 3, September, 2007
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  • The ontological properties of social roles in multi-agent systems: definitional dependence, powers and roles playing roles
        Guido Boella and Leendert van der Torre
        p.201-221                                                                              +cite        
  • Organizational structure and responsibility An analysis in a dynamic logic of organized collective agency
        Davide Grossi, Lambèr Royakkers and Frank Dignum
        p.223-249                                                                              +cite        
  • Ontologies and reasoning techniques for (legal) intelligent information retrieval systems
        Gian Piero Zarri
        p.251-279                                                                              +cite        
  • Commonsense Causal Explanation in a Legal Domain
        Rinke Hoekstra and Joost Breuker
        p.281-299                                                                              +cite        
  • An ontology of physical causation as a basis for assessing causation in fact and attributing legal responsibility
        Jos Lehmann and Aldo Gangemi
        p.301-321                                                                              +cite