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  Biotechnology Law Report
  Volume 29, Number 6, December 2010
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  • Much Ado About Something
        Robert A. Bohrer
        p.607-608                                                                              +cite        

  • Rethinking the Gene Patent
        Alan J. Morrison
        p.609-614                                                                              +cite        
  • An Uncertain Future for Gene Patents: The View from Europe
        Robert Fitt, Edward Nodder
        p.615-622                                                                              +cite        
  • The Challenges of Achieving Open-Source Sharing of Biobank Data
        Donna M. Gitter
        p.623-635                                                                              +cite        

  • Still Awaiting Biosimilars Path to Market; Motavizumab Rejected by FDA Advisory Committee; Avastin Approval for Breast Cancer Revoked; Genzyme Has Another Contamination Problem; EMA to Release Adverse Effects Data; FDA Releases List of Latest Safety Issues
        p.637-638                                                                              +cite    

  • FDA Allows Geron to Start Phase I Trial of Human Embryonic Stem Cells; Neurotech Begins Phase I Testing of Neurologic Drug; Efficacy of Gene Therapy for Severe Combined Immunodeficiency Syndrome Confirmed; Leukemia a Side Effect in Four; Trials Sponsored by Companies More Likely to Succeed; Pfizer Halts Trials of Monoclonal Antibody for Chronic Pain
        p.639-640                                                                              +cite    

  • Effects of Genetically Engineered Crops on Weeds; APHIS to Perform Full Environmental Impact Study of Genetically Engineered Sugar Beets; High-Oleic Soybeans No Longer Regulated; Europe to Allow Some Importation of Genetically Engineered Corn for Use as Food; India and Monsanto Begin Collaboration on Genetically Engineered Crops; Farmers Would Be Allowed to Plant Saved Seed; Genetically Engineered Mosquito to Be Released
        p.641-643                                                                              +cite    

  • Meal from Genetically Modified Soybean Does Not Infringe Patents; Inserted Gene Not Fulfilling Its Function; Update to KSR Rules Published; Interim Guidance on Subject Matter Eligibility After Bilski; More Attempts to Stop “Pay for Delay” Agreements; Actual Effect on Drug Costs Still Debated; Some Persons with Fabry Disease Want Genzyme's Patent on Replacement Enzyme Overturned; Siemens, Enzo in Patent Battle; Myriad Appeals Invalidation of BRCA Gene Patents
        p.645-649                                                                              +cite    

  • Lilly Wins Some, Loses Some in Challenges to Its Patents; Illumina Sues Complete Genomics for Infringement of Three Sequencing Patents; Cepheid and Abaxis in Patent Dispute
        p.651                                                                                      +cite    

  • Roche Should Have Been Able to Introduce Usage Data
        p.653                                                                                      +cite    

  • Sequenom Scientist Pleads Guilty to Making False Statements
        p.655                                                                                      +cite    
  • Bibliography
        p.657-658                                                                              +cite    
  • On the Move
        p.659-660                                                                              +cite    

  • Examination Guidelines Update: Developments in the Obviousness Inquiry After KSR v. Teleflex
        p.661-684                                                                              +cite    
  • Interim Guidance for Determining Subject Matter Eligibility for Process Claims in View of Bilski v. Kappos
        p.685-691                                                                              +cite    
  • Submission by Amicus Curiae Federal Circuit Bar Association in Support of Neither Party Regarding Plaintiffs'-Appellees' Motion for Recusal of Chief Judge Randall R. Rader in Appeal of Myriad Genetics Case
        p.693-698                                                                              +cite    
  • Coming Events
        p.699-700                                                                              +cite