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  Biotechnology Law Report
  Volume 25, Number 6, December 2006
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  • Paper
  • Microsoft Extraterritoriality: "Mutiny . . . Heresy"
        Harold C. Wegner
        p.659-674                                                                              +cite        

  • Regulatory Affairs--Pharmaceutical
  • FDA Releases Guidances on Cell Substrates and Manufacturing: Institute of Medicine Outlines FDA Revamp: Qiagen Molecular Diagnostics Required Premarket Approval: Mixed Advice on Nanotechnology: Activist Group Wants Cloned Animals Closely Regulated: Animal Activists Sentenced to Prison: Zimbabwe Changes Attitude to Biotechnology
        p.675-678                                                                              +cite    

  • Regulatory Affairs--Agricultural and Environmental
  • More Legal Fallout from Contamination by Genetically Modified Rice: Oregon Biopharming Recommendations Being Revised
        p.679-679                                                                              +cite    

  • Patents
  • Erbitux Patent Belongs to Israeli Scientists: Monsanto Alleged to Be Maintaining Glyphosate Monopoly Long After Patent Expired: WARF Offers Free Licenses If Companies Agree to Work in State, But Embryonic Stem Cell Patents Are Being Reexamined at PTO: Interference Proceedings on Nuclear Transfer Technology Cancelled: EPO Invalidates Homocysteine Assay Patent: A Round-Up of New Patents and Applications
        p.680-684                                                                              +cite    

  • Patent Litigation
  • Reexamination of Ariad Patent Leads to Cancellation of 80% of the Claims: MedImmune Wants to Sue: Innogenetics Wins Suit Against Abbott: Interference Declared Involving 1982 Application: Who Invented DNA Sequencing Technique?: Can ITC Rule on Patent Validity?: Stratagene Owes Triple Damages in Suit with Invitrogen: Short Stories: News from Novozymes, Agilent, ADM, Ambrey
        p.685-687                                                                              +cite    

  • Financial and Shareholder Affairs
  • Suit Against Cell Therapeutics Dismissed
        p.688-688                                                                              +cite    

  • Scientific Misconduct
  • South Korean Scientist Denies Cloning Work Was Faked: Icelandic Company Says Researchers Misappropriated Its Intellectual Property: Former FDA Head Admits Conflict of Interest in Wife's Stock Holdings: Further Developments in Conflict of Interest Investigations of NIH Scientists
        p.689-690                                                                              +cite    

  • Other Litigation
  • Human Tissue Is Not a Product: Insmed Accuses Tercica of False Advertising for Its Growth Hormone
        p.691-691                                                                              +cite    
  • Bibliography
        p.692-693                                                                              +cite    
  • On the Move
        p.694-696                                                                              +cite    

  • Texts
  • Guidance for Industry: Characterization and Qualification of Cell Substrates and Other Biological Starting Materials Used in the Production of Viral Vaccines for the Prevention and Treatment of Infectious Diseases
        p.697-723                                                                              +cite    
  • Yeda Research and Development Co., Ltd. v. ImClone Systems Inc., and Aventis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
        p.724-764                                                                              +cite    
  • Coming Events
        p.765-768                                                                              +cite