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  Journal of Human Rights   (United Kingdom)
  Volume 7, Number 3, 2008
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  • Articles
  • Gendering Necropolitics: The Juridical-Political Sociality of Honor Killings in Turkey
        Cihan Ahmetbeyzade
        p.187-206                                                                              +cite        
  • The Immanent Dichotomy of Human Rights: Emergency Powers v. Universal Protection
        Ovadia Ezra
        p.207-223                                                                              +cite        
  • Human Rights and Technology—A Conflictual Relationship? Assessing Private Research and the Right to Adequate Food
        Hans Morten Haugen
        p.224-244                                                                              +cite        
  • A Latin American Sociopolitical Conceptualization of Human Rights
        Ariadna Estêvez
        p.245-261                                                                              +cite        

  • Mini-Symposium on Human Rights, Migration, and Development
  • The Displacement of the Rights of Displaced Persons: An Irreconciliation of Human Rights between Place and Movement
        Mark F. N. Franke
        p.262-281                                                                              +cite        
  • The “Migration-Development Nexus” Revisited from a Rights Perspective
        Nicola Piper
        p.282-298                                                                              +cite        

  • Review Essay
  • The Long View: Human Rights Activism, Past and Present
        Ron Dudai
        p.299-309                                                                              +cite