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  Art, Antiquity and Law   (United Kingdom)
  Volume 11, Issue 1, January 2006
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  • Articles
  • Immunity from Seizure: An Overview
        Anna O'Connell
  • Beyond an Oil Canvas: New Media and Presentation Formats Challenge International Copyright Law's Ability to Protect the Interests of the Contemporary Artist
        Molly Anne Torsen
  • The Empty(ing) Museum: Why a 2001 Agreement between the United States and Italy is Ineffective in Balancing the Interests of the Source Nation with the Benefits of Museum Display
        Katherine Jane Hurst
  • The Fight against Illicit Traffic in Cultural Goods: The Dutch Approach
        Marja van Heese
  • The Protection of Iraqi Cultural Heritage in Australian Domestic Law
        Ian Upjohn

  • Case Note
  • Statutory Obligation v. Moral Obligation in the World of Charity: A.G. v. The Trustees of the British Museum
        Sir Anthony Mason