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  Building and Construction Law Journal   (Australia)
  Volume 22, Number 6, December 2006
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  • "Security" of payment?
        p.393                                                                                      +cite    

  • Proportionate liability in construction litigation
        The Honourable Justice Robert McDougall
        p.394                                                                                      +cite        
        This article considers the scheme of proportionate liability established by Pt 4 of the Civil Liability Act 2002 (NSW). After a brief outline of the background to proportionate liability reform, the article examines the structure and operation of Pt 4 and considers its application in a number of different situations, including some that may typically arise in construction litigation
  • Current trends in risk allocation in construction projects and their implications for industry stakeholders
        Patrick Mead
        p.407                                                                                      +cite        
        While risk in major projects is receiving great attention, no amount of risk assessment, management and treatment will guarantee that issues with serious financial and other consequences will not arise during the course of what is an inherently risky enterprise. The following article provides an overview of current trends in risk allocation in construction projects and a consideration of the methods adopted by various stakeholders to manage that risk. The author stresses the importance of differentiating between risks that are within the contractual parties control and those that are not, and notes the key areas of risk likely to be encountered in a major project. The requisite elements necessary to conduct an effective and accurate assessment of risk are identified prior to the demonstration of risk mitigation principles by way of hypothetical case studies. The role of the insurance industry in determining risk allocation and judicial interpretation of project insurances are then considered; the article concludes by looking to where risk allocation may be headed

  • Reiby Street v Winterton
        p.426                                                                                      +cite    
  • Thiess Services Pty Ltd v Mirvac Queensland Pty Ltd
        p.437                                                                                      +cite    
  • Onesteel Manufacturing Pty Ltd v United KG Pty Ltd
        p.449                                                                                      +cite    

  • VOLUME 22 -- 2006
  • Table of authors
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  • Table of cases
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  • Table of cases reported
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  • Index
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