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  Building and Construction Law Journal   (Australia)
  Volume 22, Number 1, February 2006
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        John Dorter
        p.5                                                                                          +cite        

  • Causation
        J E Lunn
        p.6                                                                                          +cite        

  • J-Corp Pty Ltd v Gilmour [2005] WASCA 136
        p.8                                                                                          +cite    
        Defective building work - Damages - Appropriate measure - Whether cost of demolition and reinstatement reasonable - Turns on own facts - Trade Practices Act 1974 (Cth),s52.
  • El-Mir v Risk [2005] NSWCA 215
        p.16                                                                                        +cite    
        Residential building contract - Whether terms of settlement amounted to accord and satisfaction - Whether accord and satisfaction resulted in discharge of original cause of action - Whether cause of action waived or abandoned by filing defence and cross-claim - Whether judge erred in refusing leave to amend defence to accord with pleadings made before referee - Whether judge erred in adopting referee's report.
  • Lifestyle Retirement Project No 2 Pty Ltd v Parisi Homes Pty Ltd [2005] NSWSC 705
        p.31                                                                                        +cite    
        Building and Construction Security of Payment Act 1999 (NSW) - Basic and essential requirements of valid determination - Whether adjudicator's determination void where payment claim served more than 12 months after construction work was last carried out.
  • Rail Infrastructure Corporation v Veghelyi [2004] NSWSC 427
        p.37                                                                                        +cite    
        Whether s 25(4)(a)(iii) of the Building and Construction Security of Payment Act 1999 (NSW) precluded a party from challenging an adjudicator's determination once a judgment has been entered.
  • TQM Design & Construct Pty Ltd v Dasein Constructions Pty Ltd (subject to a deed of company arrangement) and National Electrical Communications Association [2004] NSWSC 1216
        p.39                                                                                        +cite    
        Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act 1999 - Whether there was a denial of natural justice - Adjudicator disregarded response because out of time - Whether the adjudicator's determination was void because of failure to accord natural justice.
  • A&P Parkes Constructions Pty Ltd v Como Hotel Holdings [2004] NSWSC 588
        p.45                                                                                        +cite    
        Referee's report - Where plaintiff moves for adoption of referee's report - Where defendant moves for rejection of report - Supreme Court Rules 1970 (NSW) - Whether referee's report should be adopted, varied or rejected - Obligation of referee to give reasons - Whether referee gave adequate reasons - Whether referee erred in construction of contract.
  • Digital City Pty Ltd v QX Australia Pty Ltd [2004] NSWSC 933
        p.59                                                                                        +cite    
        Building and Construction Security of Payment Act 1999 (NSW) - Application to extend ex parte interlocutory injunction against advancing adjudication process - Whether the interlocutory injunction should be on terms requiring the payment into court of the amount claimed.
  • Multiplex Constructions Pty Ltd v Abigroup Contractors PtyLtd [2005]1QdR610; [2005] QCA 61
        p.62                                                                                        +cite    
        Contract - Prevention of fulfilment of condition precedent or intimation that it is useless to fulfil it amounts to performance of the condition - This principle does not apply if there is an additional contractual step before a right accrues - Implied direction to accelerate works requires clearest evidence. Subcontractors' Charges Act 1974 (Qld), s 10(2) - Notice of claim of charge may be given within three months after the completion of the entirety of work to be performed under the subcontract not the work the subject of the claim - Statutory date of completion relevant.