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  Building and Construction Law Journal   (Australia)
  Volume 23, Number 2, April 2007
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  • Proper preparation and presentation
        p.85                                                                                        +cite    

  • Limits to the scope of the warranty of fitness for purpose: actual or anticipated?
        p.86                                                                                        +cite    

  • Defective workmanship exclusions in contract works insurance
        p.88                                                                                        +cite    

  • Getting paid in the construction industry - national perspective
        Keith Redenbach
        p.92                                                                                        +cite        
        This article discusses the "security of payment" legislation in the building and construction industry, with a focus on the existing legislation applicable in the Australian States and Territories. Given recent developments relating to the clash of State and federal legislation, this area has been the subject of much legal scrutiny over the past few years.
  • The adequacy of reasons
        Robert Hunt
        p.111                                                                                      +cite        
        This article deals with the obligations on judges, arbitrators and court-appointed referees to provide reasons for their decisions and what is required to satisfy those obligations. It analyses the reasoning process, and the rationale for the provision of reasons. It also considers the principles to be applied by arbitrators in providing reasons for their award, and compares and contrasts the standards to be satisfied by arbitrators with those which are applicable to judges and court-appointed referees respectively.

  • Monarch Building Systems Pty Ltd v Quinn Villages Pty Ltd
        p.121                                                                                      +cite    
  • Multiplex Ltd v Qantas Airways Ltd
        p.130                                                                                      +cite    
  • Reiby Street Apartments Pty Ltd v Winterton Constructions Pty Ltd
        p.138                                                                                      +cite    
  • Zavodnyik v Alex Constructions Pty Ltd
        p.153                                                                                      +cite