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  Building and Construction Law Journal   (Australia)
  Volume 23, Number 5, October 2007
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  • Superintendents' discretion
        p.321                                                                                      +cite    

  • Security of Payment in the Australian Building and Construction Industry
        Marcus Jacobs, QC
        p.322                                                                                      +cite        

  • Damages for consequential loss for breach of a construction contract
        Kelly M Wilshire
        p.324                                                                                      +cite        

  • Alliance contracts: Utility and enforceability
        Trevor Thomas
        p.329                                                                                      +cite        
        This article considers the objectives of alliance contracts as well as some of the potential difficulties they pose. In particular, it addresses the enforceability of "no blame, no dispute" clauses by considering whether such clauses could evidence a lack of intent to create legal relations: whether they could render the consideration under an alliance agreement illusory; whether they can be effective as exclusion clauses; and whether they could constitute an attempt to oust the jurisdiction of the courts. The article also considers the potential implications of a duty of good faith between alliance participants and whether alliance agreements have the potential to give rise to fiduciary duties.

  • Cox Constructions Pty Ltd v Decor Ceilings Pty Ltd (No 2)
        p.347                                                                                      +cite    
  • Downer Construction (Australia) Pty Ltd v Energy Australia
        p.369                                                                                      +cite