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  Asia Pacific Law Review   (Hong Kong)
  Volume 18, Number 2, 2010
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  • Featuring a selection of papers presented at the international conference on 'Recent Developments and Issues in Maritime and Transportation Law: an Asia-Pacific Perspective' organised by City University of Hong Kong Law School on 18-19 March 2010

  • Articles
  • New and Emerging Threats to Maritime Security
        Ruwantissa Abeyratne
        p.171                                                                                      +cite        
  • A Comparative Study of 'Hong Kong Flag' Ship Registration
        Zhang Liying
        p.197                                                                                      +cite        
  • Twardowski, the End of the Road for DVT Claims but not for the DVT Problem?
        Vernon Nase
        p.213                                                                                      +cite        
  • The Developer's Role in the Surging Chinese Condominium Housing: Through the Comparative Lens of the US System
        Lei Chen
        p.223                                                                                      +cite        
  • Determination of Performing Party's Liability Under the Rotterdam Rules
        John S Mo
        p.243                                                                                      +cite        
  • Direct Claims Against Marine Insurers in the English Legal System
        Johanna Hjalmarsson
        p.259                                                                                      +cite        
  • The Ship Supplier's Lien: Taking a (Maple) Leaf out of the Canadian Statute Book?
        Paul Myburgh
        p.279                                                                                      +cite