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  • Refereed Papers
  • Resurrecting our First Superior Courts: Reporting the Law of Colonial NSW
        Bruce Kercher and Brent Salter
  • The Bankstown Anti-Eviction ‘Riot’ of 17 June 1931: A Crime of the Propertyless?
        Drew Cottle
  • The Church and State Relationship in Australia: The Practice of s.116 of the Australian Constitution
        Charlotte Baines
  • Challengers Chastised and Duellists Deterred: Kings Bench and Criminal Informations 1800-1820
        Stephen Banks

  • Other Papers
  • Federation Follies: The Press Reaction to Balmain New Ferry Company Ltd v. Robertson (1906)
        Mark Lunney

  • Keynote Speeches
  • The Politics of English Law in the Nineteenth Century
        Michael Lobban