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  Antitrust Source
  Volume 8, Issue 1, October 2008
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  • The Justice Department's Section 2 Report: A Mixed Review
        William Kolasky
        William Kolasky describes the split between the agencies over the standards that should govern antitrust enforcement policy with respect to single-firm conduct under Section 2 of the Sherman Act and suggests ways to rebuild consensus.
  • Section 2 Enforcement: A State-Enforcement View of the DOJ Section 2 Report
        Don Allen Resnikoff
        Don Allen Resnikoff tells us where the states are likely to stand on future prosecutions based on their past practice.
  • Chinese Antitrust—Act II, Scene 1
        Nate Bush and Zhaofeng Zhou
        Nate Bush and Zhaofeng Zhou explain how authorities are implementing China's new Antimonopoly Law and how that law is being tested just two months after taking effect.
  • Waivering on Waivers: The Filip Policy and the Possible Demise of "Coerced" Corporate Privilege Waivers
        Joann Kahn
        Joann Kahn discusses how the DOJ's Filip Policy could bring an end to coerced privilege waivers in order to avoid indictment or secure leniency in corporate fraud prosecutions.
  • The Labatt/Lakeport Case: Implications for Canadian Merger Review
        D. Jeffrey Brown
        D. Jeffrey Brown explores the effects on Canadian competition law of the antitrust case of the year in Canada: the Labatt/Lakeport merger.
  • A Price-Fixer's Memoir — Exculpation and Revenge While Confronting the Antitrust Abyss: An Essay on Threshold Resistance by Alfred Taubman
        Arthur Austin
        Arthur Austin looks at the psychology and tactics of convicted price-fixer Albert Taubman during his trial, drawing information and inspiration from Taubman's book on the Sotheby case.
  • Paper Trail: Working Papers and Recent Scholarship
        Bill Page and John Woodbury
        Editors Bill Page and John Woodbury note one paper that examines how best to organize economists so they can provide sound recommendations to agency decision makers, and another that focuses on communication among rivals to find an emerging definition of concerted agreement in the post-Twombly pleading standards case law.