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  Antitrust Source
  Volume 7, Issue 4, April 2008
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  • Roundtable Conference with Enforcement Officials Tom Barnett (Antitrust Division), Bob Hubbard (NAAG), Neelie Kroes (European Commission), and Deborah Majoras (FTC)
        In a new format, the top U.S. and EU antitrust enforcement officials are grilled by lawyers and law professors (from the ABA Section of Antitrust Law Spring Meeting, March 28, 2008).
  • In the Matter of Negotiated Data Solutions – The FTC’s Expanded Application of Section 5 Authority to Patent Hold-Ups
        George Jordan, III
        George Jordan III critiques the FTC's expanded application of Section 5 of the FTC Act to a standard-setting process, and patent hold-ups in particular.
  • New Thinking on the Role of Fixed Cost Savings in Merger Analysis
        Robert Rubinovitz
        Economist Robert Rubinovitz introduces an economic model that provides a new approach to looking at how fixed cost savings achieved through merger can lead to decreased quality-adjusted prices and increased consumer welfare.
  • Book Review – A Challenge to Orthodoxy
        Ky Ewing
        Ky Ewing reviews Edwin Rockefeller's provocative new book, The Antitrust Religion.
  • Paper Trail: Working Papers and Recent Scholarship
        Bill Page
        Editor Bill Page previews two of his recent papers, one on facilitating practices and the other on the European Microsoft decision.