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  Antitrust Source
  Volume 8, Issue 4, April 2009
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  • Roundtable Conference with Enforcement Officials
        At the first Roundtable discussion since President Obama took office, the U.S. and EU enforcers provide firsthand insight on the changes and continuity in the policies and priorities that we should expect to see this year.
  • Obama's Antitrust Enforcers: What Can We Expect?
        Sean Gates
        Sean Gates forecasts how President Obama's appointees to chair the FTC and to lead the DOJ Antitrust Division will likely lead to a resurgence of antitrust enforcement in both conduct and mergers.
  • Through the Looking Glass: Ruminations on Improving the Current U.S. Merger Enforcement Guidelines
        Ilene Knable Gotts and Étienne Renaudeau
        Ilene Knable Gotts and Étienne Renaudeau offer a roadmap for examining and modifying the current U.S. merger enforcement guidelines.
  • Antitrust Risk-Shifting Provisions in Merger Agreements After the Financial Collapse
        Darren Tucker and Kevin Yingling
        Darren Tucker and Kevin Yingling explore the nature of antitrust risk-shifting provisions in merger agreements since the financial downturn intensified at the end of 2007.
  • Antitrust in a Financial Crisis — A Canadian Perspective
        Mark Katz, Anita Banicevic, and Jim Dinning
        Mark Katz, Anita Banicevic, and Jim Dinning explore what role, if any, should be afforded to Canadian competition law and policy considerations in responding to the current financial situation.
  • Paper Trail: Working Papers and Recent Scholarship
        John Woodbury
        John Woodbury reviews an EAG Working Paper that looks at the antitrust agencies’ merger review of firms in financial distress.