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  Antitrust Source
  Volume 8, Issue 5, June 2009
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  • You Too Can Win Antitrust Cases: The Myths and Realities of Trying an Antitrust Case to a Jury
        John Majoras
        John Majoras describes how a complex antitrust case can be presented effectively to a jury.
  • Justice Souter's Antitrust Legacy
        Robert Skitol and Kenneth Vorrasi
        Robert Skitol and Kenneth Vorrasi examine the antitrust legacy of Justice Souter, as exemplified by California Dental Association and Twombly.
  • "The Rules of Professional Conduct Are Not Aspirational": Joint Representation of Corporations and Their Employees
        Kathryn Fenton and Ryan Thomas
        Kathryn Fenton and Ryan Thomas examine ethical pitfalls confronting attorneys who represent both corporations and employees in government investigations.
  • Reforming the HSR Act Notification and Report Form: A Modest Call to Substance
        Robert Schlossberg
        Robert Schlossberg proposes revisions to the HSR notification form to reduce the burden on filers and improve the value of the information provided to the agencies.
  • Major Changes to the Competition Act (Canada) and the Competition Bureau's Enforcement Policies
        Paul Crampton
        Paul Crampton discusses the recently enacted Amendments to Canada's Competition Act.

  • Book Review
  • Free the Market: Pushing Back on the Chicago School
        Renata Hesse
        Renata Hesse reviews Gary Reback's new book on the role of governmental antitrust enforcement in high-technology markets.
  • Paper Trail: Working Papers and Recent Scholarship
        Bill Page
        Bill Page comments on two papers that assess Robert Pitofsky's volume of essays, How the Chicago School Overshot the Mark: The Effect of Conservative Economic Analysis on U.S. Antitrust.