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  American Journal of Criminal Justice
  Volume 30, Number 1, September 2005
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  • Articles
  • Who, what, and when: A descriptive examination of crowd formation, crowd behavior, and participation with law enforcement at homicide scenes in one city
        Robyn Diehl Lacks, Jill A. Gordon and Colleen Mclaughlin Mccue
        p.1-20                                                                                    +cite        
  • Effectiveness of citizen police academies in changing the attitudes, beliefs, and behavior of citizen participants
        Joanne Brewster, Michael Stoloff and Nicole Sanders
        p.21-34                                                                                  +cite        
  • A comparison of bail amounts for hispanics, whites, and african americans: A single county analysis
        K. B. Turner and James B. Johnson
        p.35-53                                                                                  +cite        
  • Mental health, gender, and drug court completion
        Alison R. Gray and Christine A. Saum
        p.55-69                                                                                  +cite        
  • Social support and inmate rule violations: A multilevel analysis
        Shanhe Jiang, Marianne Fisher-Giorlando and Liping Mo
        p.71-86                                                                                  +cite        
  • ADHD among incarcerated youth: An investigation on the congruency with ADHD prevalence and correlates among the general population
        Jill A. Gordon and Page Malmsjo Moore
        p.87-97                                                                                  +cite        
  • Finding hidden value through mixed-methodology: Lessons From the Discovery Program’s Holistic Approach to Truancy Abatement
        Holly E. Ventura and J. Mitchell Miller
        p.99-120                                                                                +cite        
  • Scales for perceived risk of student-on-student victimization in grades 7 through 10: A psychometric analysis of the adolescent index on school safety
        John Kerbs, Kyubeom Choi, Stephen Rollin, Robert Gutierrez, Isabelle Potts, Jayme Harpring, Alia H. Creason and Tam Dao
        p.121-141                                                                              +cite        

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