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  American Journal of Criminal Justice
  Volume 35, Numbers 1-2, June 2010
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  • Offender Presence, Available Victims, Social Disorganization and Sex Offense Rates
        Richard Tewksbury, Elizabeth Ehrhardt Mustaine and Michele Covington
        p.1-14                                                                                    +cite        
  • An Examination of Social-Psychological Factors and Support for the Death Penalty: Attribution, Moral Disengagement, and the Value-Expressive Function of Attitudes
        Scott Vollum and Jacqueline Buffington-Vollum
        p.15-36                                                                                  +cite        
  • The Association Between Work-Family Conflict and Job Burnout Among Correctional Staff: A Preliminary Study
        Eric Lambert, Nancy L. Hogan and Irshad Altheimer
        p.37-55                                                                                  +cite        
  • Sex Similarities/Differences in Trajectories of Delinquency among urban Chicago Youth: The Role of Delinquent Peers
        Wesley G. Jennings, Mildred M. Maldonado-Molina and Kelli A. Komro
        p.56-75                                                                                  +cite        
  • The Impact of Race on the Pretrial Decision
        Tina L. Freiburger, Catherine D. Marcum and Mari Pierce
        p.76-86                                                                                  +cite