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  American Journal of Criminal Justice
  Volume 26, Number 2, March 2002
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  • Articles
  • Community prosecution tenets and practices: The relative mix of “community” and “prosecution”
        Gerard Rainville and M. Elaine Nugent
        p.149-164                                                                              +cite        
  • Southernness, migration, and homicide risk: An analysis of individual-level data
        Steven Stack
        p.165-179                                                                              +cite        
  • State of Indiana V. Ford Motor Company revisited
        Paul J. Becker, Arthur J. Jipson and Alan S. Bruce
        p.181-202                                                                              +cite        
  • Law enforcement employment discrimination based on sexual orientation: A selective review of case law
        R. Alan Thompson and Lisa S. Nored
        p.203-217                                                                              +cite        
  • Perceived fairness of drug-testing policies: An application of Leventhal’s principles of procedural justice
        Kenneth Wagner and Laura J. Moriarty
        p.219-233                                                                              +cite        
  • Media influence on attitudes toward guns and gun control
        Kenneth Dowler
        p.235-247                                                                              +cite        
  • Media effects: The influence of local newspaper coverage on municipal police size
        Seth L. Feinberg
        p.249-268                                                                              +cite        
  • School crime policy changes: The impact of recent highly-publicized school crimes
        Clete Snell, Charles Bailey, Anthony Carona and Dalila Mebane
        p.269-285                                                                              +cite        
  • What does “knock and announce” mean? An analysis of Wilson v. Arkansas and its progeny
        David M. Jones
        p.287-303                                                                              +cite        
  • Call for papers
        N1                                                                                        +cite