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  Alaska Justice Forum
  Volume 25, Number 1–2, Spring/Summer 2008
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  • Sexual Crime
  • Case Attrition of Sexual Violence Offenses: Empirical Findings
        Darryl S. Wood and André B. Rosay
  • Revisiting Alaska's Sex Offender Registration and Public Notification Statute
        Deborah Periman
  • Sexual Assaults Reported to Alaska State Troopers
        André B. Rosay, Greg Postle, Darryl S. Wood, and Katherine TePas
  • Sexual Assault Nurse Examinations in Alaska
        André B. Rosay and Tara Henry

  • Anonymous Reporting and Forensic Examinations
  • Recidivism of Alaska Sex Offenders
        Alan R. McKelvie

  • Further Reading on Sexual Assault

  • The Number of Parents in Prison Grows

  • ECCA Symposium