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  Berkeley Journal of Gender, Law & Justice
    Berkeley Women's Law Journal ( - v19 (2004))
  Volume 25, Number 1, Spring 2010
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  • Punishing the Innocent: How the Classification of Male-to-Female Transgender Individuals in Immigration Detention Constitutes Illegal Punishment Under the Fifth Amendment
        Laurel Anderson
        p.1                                                                                          +cite        

  • The New Boys: Women with Disabilities and the Legal Profession
        Carrie Griffin Basas
        p.32                                                                                        +cite        
  • What Have Calabresi & Melamed Got to do with Family Affairs?: Women Using Tort Law in Order to Defeat Jewish and Shari’a Law
        Benjamin Shmueli
        p.125                                                                                      +cite        

  • Inertia and Change: Findings of The Shriver Report and Next Steps
        Zoe Savitsky
        p.172                                                                                      +cite        

  • Beyond the Monster Factory: Gender Violence, Race, and the Liberatory Potential of Restorative Justice
        Angela P. Harris
        p.199                                                                                      +cite        

  • Gender Stereotyping: Transnational Legal Perspectives by Rebecca J. Cook & Simone Cusack
        p.226                                                                                      +cite    
  • The Gender of Reparations: Unsettling Sexual Hierarchies While Redressing Human Rights Violations edited by Ruth Rubio-Marín
        p.236                                                                                      +cite