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  American Bankruptcy Institute Law Review
  Volume 8, Number 1, Spring 2000
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  • Healthcare Industry Bankruptcy Workout Forum
        Nancy A. Peterman, Karen Ferrell, Deryck A. Palmer, Thomas J. Salerno, Timothy P. Czmiel, Thomas R. Prince, and Keith J. Shapiro
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  • Characterization of Healthcare Receivables: Are Post-Petition Healthcare Receivables Subject to Pre-petition Liens as "Proceeds" or "Rents" Under the Bankruptcy Code, or Are They Excluded as After-acquired Property?
        Samuel M. Stricklin and Alexander P. Okuliar
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  • Are Physician Practice Management Agreements Assumable Under § 365 of the Bankruptcy Code?
        Matthew T. Gensburg
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  • Alternatives to Bankruptcy for Insolvent Nursing Homes: A Case Study
        Elizabeth J. Austin and Holly G. Gydus
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  • What's Going on in Delaware?
        William H. Sudell, Jr. and Eric D. Schwartz
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  • Information Technology and Hospital Closures
        Thomas R. Prince
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  • HMO Debtors as ERISA Fiduciaries: A Bankruptcy Perspective
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  • When is an Individual a Corporation?—When the Court Misinterprets a Statute, That's When!
        p.151                                                                                      +cite    
  • Should Bankruptcy Judges Be Permitted to Conduct Jury Trials?
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