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  Albany Law Journal of Science & Technology
  Volume 19, Number 2, 2009
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  • Theft, Transformation, and the Need of the Immaterial: A Proposal for a Fair Use Digital Sampling Regime
        Reuven Ashtar
        p.261                                                                                      +cite        
  • DNA Databases and the Fourth Amendment: The Time has Come to Reexamine the Special Needs Exception to the Warrant Requirement and the Primary Purpose Test
        Derek Regensburger
        p.319                                                                                      +cite        
  • Securitization of Patents and its Continued Viability in Light of the Current Economic Conditions
        Aleksandar Nikolic
        p.393                                                                                      +cite        

  • The Impact of Government-Mandated Public Access to Biomedical Research: An Analysis of the New NIH Depository Requirements
        Kristopher Nelson
        p.421                                                                                      +cite        
  • Will Video Kill the Trial Courts' Star? How "Hot" Records Will Change the Appellate Process
        Leah A. Walker
        p.449                                                                                      +cite        
  • Rambus, N-Data, and the FTC: Creating Efficient Incentives in Patent Holders and Optimizing Consumer Welfare in Standards-Setting Organizations
        Theresa R. Stadheim
        p.483                                                                                      +cite        
  • YouTubing Down the Stream of Commerce: Eliminating the Express Aiming Requirement for Personal Jurisdiction in User-Generated Internet Content Cases
        Allison MacDonald
        p.519                                                                                      +cite