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  Army Lawyer
  January 2000
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  • Contract and Fiscal Law Developments of 1998—The Year in Review
        Major Mary E. Harney (USAF), Lieutenant Colonel Anthony M. Helm, Major Elizabeth D. Berrigan, Major Louis A. Chiarella, Major Thomas L. Hong, Major Jonathan C. Guden, Major Jody M. Hehr, Colonel Richard L. Huff, Colonel Jonathan H. Kosarin, Lieutenant Colonel M. Warner Meadows (USAF), Major Fred K. Ford, Major Richard W. Rousseau, Major Corey L. Bradley
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        Authority; Competition; Contract Types; Sealed Bidding; Negotiated Acquisitions; Simplified Acquisitions; Commercial Items; Small Business; Labor Standards; Bonds and Sureties; Bid Protests
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        Contract Interpretation; Contract Changes; Inspection, Acceptance and Warranty; Pricing of Adjustments; Value Engineering Change Proposals; Termination for Default; Termination for Convenience (T4C); Contract Disputes Act (CDA) Litigation
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        Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR); Bankruptcy; Buy American Act (BAA); Competitive Sourcing and Service Contracting; Construction Contracting; Cost and Cost Accounting Standards; Defective Pricing; Environmental Contracting; Ethics in Government Contracting; Foreign Military Sales; The Freedom of Information Act; Multiple Award Schedules; Payment and Collection; Procurement Fraud; Taxation; Technical Data Rights
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        Purpose; Time; Construction Funding; Intragovernmental Acquisitions; Judgment Fund; Liability of Accountable Officers
  • Appendix A: Department of Defense Legislation for Fiscal Year 2000
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  • Appendix B: Contract and Fiscal Law Websites
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  • Guard and Reserve Affairs Items
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  • CLE News
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  • Current Materials of Interest
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