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  January 2005
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  • Contract and Fiscal Law Developments of 2004—The Year in Review
        Major Kevin J. Huyser (USAF) (Editor), Lieutenant Colonel Michael J. Benjamin, Lieutenant Colonel Karl W. Kuhn, Major Bobbi J. W. Davis, Major Steven R. Patoir, Major James M. Dorn, Major Andrew S. Kantner, Lieutenant Colonel Louis A. Chiarella, Lieutenant Colonel John J. Siemietkowski, Major Katherine E. White, Major Kerry L. Erisman, Ms. Margaret K. Patterson

  • Acquisition and Fiscal Accountability: Between Iraq and a Hard Place
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        Authority; Competition; Contract Types; Sealed Bidding; Negotiated Acquisitions; Simplified Acquisitions; Contractor Qualifications: Responsibility; Commercial Items; Multiple Award Schedules; Electronic Commerce; Socio-Economic Policies; Labor Standards; Bid Protests
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        Contract Interpretation/Changes; Inspection, Acceptance, and Warranty; Terminations for Default; Terminations for Convenience; Contract Disputes Act (CDA) Litigation
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        Competitive Sourcing; Privatization; Construction Contracting; Bonds, Sureties, and Insurance; Deployment and Contingency Contracting; Contractors Accompanying the Forces; Government Information Practices; Information Technology (IT); Intellectual Property; Major Systems Acquisition; Non-FAR Transactions and Technology Transfer; Payment and Collection; Performance-Based Service Acquisitions; Procurement Fraud; Auditing; Nonappropriated Fund Contracting; Miscellaneous
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        Purpose; Time; Antideficiency Act; Construction Funding; Intragovernmental Acquisitions; Revolving Funds; Liability of Accountable Officers; Operational and Contingency Funding
  • Appendix A: Department of Defense Legislation for Fiscal Year 2005
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  • Appendix B: Contract and Fiscal Law Websites and Electronic Newsletters
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  • Subject Matter Index
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  • CLE News
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  • Current Materials of Interest
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