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  January 2010
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  • New Developments
  • Administrative & Civil Law
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  • Articles
  • Freedom of Information Act Access to Personal Information Contained in Government Records: Public Property or Protected Information?
        Colonel (Rel.) Richard L. Huff & Lieutenant Colonel Craig E. Merutka
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  • The Limits of Fair Use in Military Scholarship: When, How, and From Whom to Request Permission to Use Copyrighted Works
        Captain Evan R. Seamone
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  • The Impact of the American with Disability Amendments Act of 2008 on the Rehabilitation Act and Management of Department of the Army Civilian Employees
        Major William E. Brown & Major Michele Parchman
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  • Setting Servicemembers Up for More Success: Building and Transferring Wealth in a Challenging Economic Environment—A Tax and Estate Planning Analysis
        Major Samuel W. Kan
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  • Playing Politics: A Review of Eligibility Rules and Campaign Restrictions for Servicemembers Who Are Nominees or Candidates for Civil Office
        Lieutenant Colonel Jeffrey Sexton
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  • OTJAG Practice Note - Office of The Judge Advocate General

  • Legal Assistance Policy Division Note
  • Military Spouses Residency Relief Act (MSRRA): Use Caution and Read Carefully
        Lieutenant Colonel Janet H. Fenton
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  • Book Reviews
  • Lessons from the Silver Screen: Must-See Movies for Military Lawyers
        Reviewed by Major Ann B. Ching
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  • CLE News
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  • Current Materials of Interest
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