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  Asian-Pacific Law & Policy Journal
  Volume 7, Issue 2, Summer 2006
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  • Special Issue: Transitions in Chinese Law

  • Articles
  • Raising the Bar: The Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, the Public Land Trust, and a Heightened Standard of Fiduciary Duty
        Blaine Rogers
  • Japan's Secretive Death Penalty Policy: Contours, Origins, Justifications, and Meanings
        David T. Johnson

  • Transitions in Chinese Law
  • Clashes Between Economies and Environments: Consumerism Versus Conservation in Taiwan and Hong Kong
        Jessica C. Stabile
  • A Comparative Study of Laws of Assembly in China: Historical Continuity or Political Departure?
        Kam C. Wong
  • A Short History of Law, Norms, and Social Control in Imperial China
        Hayden Windrow
  • Paradigms in the Cultivation of China's Future Legal Elite: A Case Study of Legal Education in Western China
        Kara Abramson
  • Regulating Grassland Degradation in China: Shallow-Rooted Laws?
        Rebecca Nelson