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  Asian-Pacific Law & Policy Journal
  Volume 6, Issue 1, Winter 2005
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  • EIC Note

  • Articles
  • The Pacific Solution or a Pacific Nightmare?: The Difference between Burden Shifting and Responsibility Sharing
        Savitri Taylor
  • Tobacco Industrial Policy and Tobacco Control Policy in Japan
        Mark Levin
  • Creating Effective Competition Institutions: Ideas for Transitional Economies
        Kenneth M. Davidson

  • Comments
  • The Despotic State Department in Refugee Law: Creating Legal Fictions to Support Falun Gong Asylum Claims
        Christopher Chaney
  • Racial Classification or Cultural Identification?: The Gathering Rights Jurisprudence of Two Twentieth Century Hawaiian Supreme Court Justices
        Kahikino Noa Dettweiler

  • A Tribute to Patsy Mink
  • Introduction
        Eric Yamamoto
  • Speech
        Fred Korematsu

  • The Passing of a Constitutional Law Legend: Fred Korematsu Passes Away at 86 Years - Korematsu Coram Nobis Legal Team

  • Translation
  • Japan's Quasi-Jury (Saiban-in) Law: An Annotated Translation of the Act Concerning Participation of Lay Assessors in Criminal Trials
        Kent Anderson and Emma Saint