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  Asian-Pacific Law & Policy Journal
  Volume 8, Issue 1, Fall 2006
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  • Articles
  • The Paradox of Corruption as Antithesis to Economic Development: Does Corruption Undermine Economic Development in Indonesia and China and Why Are the Experiences Different in Each Country?
        Andrew White
  • Japan’s 2004 Pension Reforms in Response to Demographic Change: A Legal Critique
        Trevor Ryan

  • Comment
  • Neither Here Nor There But Fair: Finding an International Copyright Legal System Between East and West, Past and Present
        Katie Lula

  • Translations
  • Translation of Japan’s Private International Law: Act on the General Rules of Application of Laws [Ho no Tekiyo ni Kansuru Tsusokuho]
        Kent Anderson and Yasuhiro Okuda
  • Trends in Japanese Constitutional Law Cases: Jurisuto Commentary on Important Judicial Decisions for 2004
        Teruki Tsunemoto, Translation by Daryl Takeno