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  Asian-Pacific Law & Policy Journal
  Volume 8, Issue 2, Spring 2007
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  • Articles
  • In the Best Interests of the Court: What American Lawyers Need to Know about Child Custody and Visitation in Japan
        Colin P.A. Jones
  • Terrorism's Next Victim? Judicial Review of the Malaysian Internal Security Act of 1960
        Felicity Hammond
  • Publish and Not Perish - Japan's Universities Designated to Enjoy Patent Novelty Grace Period Amidst Promethean Changes in Biotechnology & University Patenting
        John A. Tessensohn

  • Transitions in Chinese Law
  • Freedom of Religion in China: Religious, Economic and Social Disenfranchisement for China's Internal Migrant Workers
        Lawrence Cox

  • Translation
  • Jurisuto Commentary on Important Legal Precedents for 2005: Trends in Constitutional Law Cases, Teruki Tsunemoto
        Translation by John Donovan, Yuko Funaki, Jennifer Shimada

  • Comments
  • A Comparative Analysis Between Legal and Cultural Aspects of Land Condemnation through the Practice of Eminent Domain in Japan and America
        Marissa L.L. Lum
  • Life and Death Away from the Golden Land: The Plight of Burmese Migrant Workers in Thailand
        Bryant Yuan Fu Yang