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  Canadian Journal of Family Law   (Canada)
    Revue Canadienne de Droit Familial
  Volume 22, Number 2, 2006
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  • Articles
  • Parental Relocation: Applying the Best Interests of the Child Test in Ontario
        Nicholas Bala and Joanna Harris
        p.127                                                                                      +cite        
  • Proceeding with "Care": Lessons to be Learned From the Canadian Parental Leave and Quebec Daycare Initiatives in Developing a National Childcare Policy
        Angela Campbell
        p.171                                                                                      +cite        

  • Allan Falconer Memorial Student Essay Contest Winner
  • The Roles of Registered Partnerships and Conjugality in Canadian Family Law
        Caroline A. Thomas
        p.223                                                                                      +cite        

  • Book Review
  • Everything You Wanted to Know About Practising Family Law By Elissa Da Costa
        Michel T├ętrault
        p.259                                                                                      +cite