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  Canadian Journal of Law and Society / Revue Canadienne Droit et Société   (Canada)
  Volume 19, Number 2, 2004
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  • Contents / Sommaire
  • Writing the Canadian Bill of Rights: Religion, Politics, and the Challenge of Pluralism, 1957-1960
        George Egerton
  • Dual Legal Systems and the Basic Structure Doctrine of Constitutions: The Case of India
        Andreas Buss
  • Reconciling Human Rights and Traditional Practices: The Anti-Trokosi Campaign in Ghana
        Robert Kwame Ameh
  • Industrial Citizenship, Human Rights and the Transformation of Labour Law : A Critical Assessment of Harry Arthur's Legalization Thesis
        Michel Coutu
  • A Constructed Peace: Narrative of Suture in the News Media
        Jody Lyneé Madeira
  • "Cleansing the Conscience of the People" Reading Head Tax Redress in Multicultural Canada
        Renisa Mawani
  • The Racial Profile : Governing Race through Knowledge Production (Research Note)
        Carmela Murdocca

  • Book Reviews / Comptes-rendus
  • Robert J. Flanagan et William B. Gould IV (eds.), International Labor Standards - Globalization, Trade and Public Policy Stanford, California, Stanford University Press, 2003, 275 p.
        Pierre Verge
  • Hector Fix-Fierro, Courts, Justice & Efficiency: A Socio-Legal Study of Economic Rationality in Adjudication Oxford and Portland, Oregon, Hart Publishing, 2003, 268 p.
        Edward S. Cohen
  • Lawrence M. Friedman et Rogelio Pérez-Perdomo (eds.), Legal Culture in the Age of Globalization. Latin America and Latin Europe Stanford, California, Stanford University Press, 2003, 528 p.
        Dorval Brunelle
  • Kathleen A. Lahey and Kevin Alderson (eds.), Same-Sex Marriage: The Personal and the Political Toronto, Insomniac Press, 2004, 380 p.
        Suzanne Lenon
  • Stéphane Beaulac, The Power of Language in the Making of International Law The Word Sovereignty in Bodin and Vattel and the Myth of Westphalia, Leiden-Boston, Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, 2004, 200 p.
        Michel Morin
  • Graeme R. Newman & Ronald V. Clarke, Superhighway Robbery: Preventing E-Commerce Crime Cullompton, Devon & Portland, Oregon, Willan Publishing, 2003, 224 p.
        Thomas H. Koenig

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