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  Arab Law Quarterly   (Netherlands)
  Volume 18, Numbers 3-4, November 2003
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  • Introduction
  • Unique Islamic Law Methodology and the Validity of Modern Legal and Social Science Research Methods for Islamic Research
        Mahdi Zahraa
  • Les Mesures Restrictives Deliberte par la Police dans Les Pays Arabes du Golfe
        Adel Al-Mane
  • La Reaparation Civile du Dommagee Ecologique en Droit Francais et Koweitien
        Fayez Al-Kandari
  • Internet Banking: A Comparative Analysis of Legal and Regulatory Framework in Malaysia
        Sarabdeen Jawahitha
  • The Concept of Competition and Award in Islam
        Ashraf bin Md. Hashim
  • The Kuwaiti Foreign Investment Law: Comments and Suggestions
        Abdullah M. Al-Hayyan
  • The Person Who is Responsible for Injury Resulting from Premises: A Study on Islamic Law of Tort and a Few Codes of Arab Countries
        Abdul Basir bin Mohamad
  • Is Imbibing Al-khamr (Intoxicating Drink) for Medical Purposes Permissible by Islamic Law?
        Nurdeen Deuraseh
  • Debate Over the Karamah of Allahs Friends
        Muhammad Amanullah

  • A Judgment on Muslim Divorce Before the Immigration Appeal Tribunal, London

  • International Shipping Enterprise AAE v. Sunbulk Maritime SA

  • Background and Business Opportunities in the Free Trade Zone in Yemen

  • UAE: Enforceability of a Non-Competition Clause in an Employment Contract