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  Canadian Tax Journal   (Canada)
  Volume 54, Number 4, 2006
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  • Douglas J. Sherbaniuk Distinguished Writing Award 2006/Le Prix d'excellence en rédaction Douglas J. Sherbaniuk pour 2006
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  • Board of Governors Elected November 26, 2006/Conseil des gouverneurs élu le 26 novembre 2oo6
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  • Trends in Global Pension Funds: The Irish Common Contractual Fund
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  • Surrogatum, Source, and Tsiaprailis: Is There a Principled Basis for the Tax Treatment of Replacement Payments?
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  • Policy Forum: The History of Tax Treaty Provisions--And Why It Is Important To Know About It
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  • Current Cases: (SCC) The Queen v. Imperial Oil Limited and The Queen v. Inco Limited; (TCC) Anchor Pointe Energy Ltd. v. The Queen; The Queen v. Honeywell Limited; Henley v. The Queen
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  • International Tax Planning: Foreign Affiliate Rules: The Effect of the Investment Business Definition on Real Estate Developers
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  • Personal Tax Planning: Vested Indefeasibly: Its Importance for Tax Purposes
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  • Planification fiscale personnelle : Importance de l'expression « dévolu irrévocablement » aux fins de l'impôt
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  • Selected US Tax Developments: US Transfer-Pricing Rules for Services Apply in 2007
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  • Current Tax Reading
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