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  Canadian Tax Journal   (Canada)
  Volume 50, Number 4, 2002
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  • Douglas J. Sherbaniuk Distinguished Writing Award / Prix d'excellence en rédaction Douglas J. Sherbaniuk
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  • Board of Governors Elected September 29, 2002 / Conseil des gouverneurs élu le 29 septembre 2002
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  • The Taxation of Prepaid Income
        Joseph Frankovic
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  • Corporate Dividend Yields and the Lifetime Capital Gains Exemption
        Tao Zeng
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  • Policy Forum: Comments on Most Favored Nation: Building a Framework for Smart Economic Policy, by Jack Mintz
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  • Canada's Conundrum: Tax and Spending
        Robert D. Brown
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  • Smart and Rich
        Richard M. Bird
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  • Smart Economic Policy for Whom?
        Andrew Sharpe
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  • Response
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  • Exempt Surplus: What's the Problem? A Reply to Brian Arnold
        Angelo Nikolakakis
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  • Canadian Tax Journal: The Fourth Decade—1983-1992
        Neil Brooks
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  • Current Cases: (SCC) Stewart v. The Queen; The Queen v. Walls et al.; (TCC) Cheek v. The Queen; (Ont. SCJ) Attorney General of Canada v. Attorney General of Ontario
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  • Personal Tax Planning / Planification fiscale personnelle : The Best Things in Life Are (Tax-)Free: A Current Look at the Capital Dividend Account
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  • Les Meilleures choses dans la vie sont gratuites (libres d'impôt) : Le point sur le compte de dividendes en capital
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  • Selected US Tax Developments: Final Regulations on Payments by "Reverse Hybrid" US Entities Include Narrow Limits on Treaty Use
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  • Current Tax Reading
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