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  Canadian Tax Journal   (Canada)
  Volume 51, Number 4, 2003
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  • Appointment of New Director of the Canadian Tax Foundation / Nomination d'un nouveau directeur général à l'Association canadienne d'études fiscales
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  • Board of Governors Elected September 21, 2003 / Conseil des gouverneurs élu le 21 septembre
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  • What Has Tort Law Got To Do with It? Distinguishing Between Employee and Independent Contractors in the Federal Income Tax, Employment Insurance, and Canada Pension Plan Contexts
        Laura Friedlander
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  • The Use of Estate Freezes by Family-Owned Businesses
        Glenn Feltham, Tammi S. Feltham, and Robert Mathieu
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  • Taxes, the Discount Rate, and the Present-Value Calculation
        Ewen McCann
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  • Policy Forum: Comments on Corporate Residence and International Taxation, by Robert Couzin
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  • A Tax Policy Perspective on Corporate Residence
        Brian J. Arnold
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  • Determining the Residence of Members of a Corporate Group
        Michael J. McIntyre
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  • Locating Corporate Business Income: Reconsidering the Tenets of International Tax Jurisdiction
        J. Scott Wilkie
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  • The Author's Response
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  • Current Cases: (FCA) Earth Fund/Fond Pour le Terre v. MNR; The Queen v. Anchor Pointe Energy Ltd.; (TCC) Loewen v. The Queen; McCoy v. The Queen; Canada Trustco Mortgage Company v. The Queen
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  • International Tax Planning: Transfer Pricing: A Critique of the CCRA's Position on Range Issues
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  • Personal Tax Planning / Planification fiscale personnelle : Discretionary Trusts: Civil Law Perspective
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  • Fiducie discrétionnaire et droit civil
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  • Selected US Tax Developments: US Reduced Rates Now Apply to Dividends of Non-Corporate Taxpayers
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  • Current Tax Reading
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  • Correspondence
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