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  European Law Journal   (United Kingdom)
  Volume 6, Issue 1, March 2000
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  • Editorial
        Francis Snyder
        p.1-3                                                                                      +cite        

  • Articles
  • Engaged Elites Citizen Action and Institutional Attitudes in Commission Enforcement
        Richard Rawlings
        p.4-28                                                                                    +cite        
  • Ideologies of Motherhood in European Community Sex Equality Law
        Clare McGlynn
        p.29-44                                                                                  +cite        
  • The Institutionalised Participation of Management and Labour in the Legislative Activities of the European Community: A Challenge to the Principle of Democracy under Community Law
        Gabriele Britz, Marlene Schmidt
        p.45-71                                                                                  +cite        
  • The Harmonisation of Rules of Conduct in EU Financial Markets: Economic Analysis, Subsidiarity and Investor Protection
        Emilios Avgouleas
        p.72-92                                                                                  +cite        

  • Index
  • Index to Volume 5
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