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  Journal of Information, Law and Technology   (United Kingdom)
    became European Journal of Law and Technology (2010-)
  2000, Issue 3
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  • Editorial

  • Refereed Articles
  • What is a Signature?
        Chris Reed
  • Electronic Commerce: Who Carries the Risk of Fraud?
        Nicholas Bohm, Ian Brown, Brian Gladman
  • A Law of the Internet? Attempts to Regulate Electronic Commerce
        Frank Diedrich
  • Liability of Internet Service Providers for Defamation in the US and Britain: Same Competing Interests, Different Responses
        Michael Deturbide
  • Defamation Law in Turmoil:The Challenges Presented by the Internet
        Russell L Weaver
  • Software Patents Pending?
        Robin Widdison
  • An Automatic System for Collecting Crime Information on the Internet
        Patrick Chen
  • A Legal Retrieval Information System
        Kevin Curran, Lee Higgins
  • Huddersfield's Electronically-delivered PgDL(CPE) Course, Part Two
        John Fairhurst

  • Commentaries
  • The European Union Takes Initiative in the Field of E-Commerce
        Julia Hörnle
  • Extra Armoury for Consumers:The New Distance Selling Regulations
        Aron Youngerwood and Sunwinder Mann
  • Introduction to Legal Citations
        Philip Leith
  • Obstacles to Citation Reform
        Lynn Foster
  • Cultural Considerations Behind Neutral Citations for the International Legal Community
        Bruce Kennedy
  • The Automatic Linking of Legal Citations
        Justin Needle

  • Work in Progress
  • ALICE in Cyberland: Computer Support for Lawyers in a Global Economy
        Burkhard Schafer

  • Miscellaneous

  • Current news

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