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  Journal of Information, Law and Technology   (United Kingdom)
    became European Journal of Law and Technology (2010-)
  2002, Issue 1
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  • Editorial

  • Refereed Articles
  • No Remedy for Disappointed Trust – The Liability Regime for Certification Authorities Towards Third Parties Outwith the EC Directive in England and Germany Compared
        Steffen Hindelang
  • The Value of Privacy Engineering
        Steve Kenny and John Borking
  • An Empirical Study in the Use of IT by Small and Large Legal Firms in the UK
        Gurmak Singh, John O'Donoghue and Karen Broome
  • Law Firm Clients as Drivers of Law Firm Change
        Petter Gottschalk
  • Name-Matching Algorithms for Legal Case-Management Systems
        L. Karl Branting
  • The EU Database Right and University Teaching Materials
        Jacqueline Lipton

  • Commentaries
  • BA Law with Information Technology - The First Graduates
        Christopher J S Gale
  • Engineering Students' Moot Court Debates the Question: 'Is Software Patentable?'
        Orlan Lee
  • Weathering the Commercial Storm: Why Everyone Should Steer Clear of the Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act
        Debra Tuomey
  • The Schengen Information System in Austria: An Essential Tool in Day to Day Police and Border Control Work?
        Stephen Karanja
  • A Code of Practice for the Globalisation of Electronic Commerce and Government
        Fernando Galindo

  • Work in Progress
  • Audit Trails in Evidence - A Queensland Case Study
        Caroline Allinson

  • Book Reviews
  • Intellectual Property Law, by Lionel Bently and Brad Sherman
        Reviewed by: Charles Oppenheim
  • Internet Law and Regulation, 3rd Edition, by Graham J Smith
        Reviewed by: Uta Kohl

  • Miscellaneous

  • Current news

  • UK Conferences

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