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  Journal of Information, Law and Technology   (United Kingdom)
    became European Journal of Law and Technology (2010-)
  2001, Issue 1
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  • Editorial

  • Refereed Articles
  • Laws, PETs and Other Technologies for Privacy Protection
        John J Borking and Charles D Raab
  • Internet Patents: Will They Hinder the Development of E-Commerce?
        Kay Henderson and Hilary Kane
  • Financing E-Commerce: Legal and Practical Risks
        Jacqueline D Lipton
  • New Rules for Resolving Chinese Domain Name Disputes - A Comparative Analysis
        Richard Wu
  • Signature Stripping: A Digital Dilemma
        Adrian McCullagh, William Caelli, and Peter Little
  • The Quest for Access in the Digital Era: Copyright and the Internet
        Charlotte Waelde
  • Could New Technologies Cause Great Law Firms to Fail?
        Darryl Mountain
  • Learning in Cyberspace - Revised version
        Abdul Paliwala

  • Commentaries
  • American Legal Education: Moving from the Classroom Without Paper to Instruction Without the Classroom?
        David A Thomas
  • Computer-Based Disclosure and Discovery in Civil Litigation
        Kenneth J Withers
  • A Review of the New Jurisdiction Rules for Electronic Consumer Contracts Within the European Union
        Lorna Gillies

  • Book Reviews
  • Richard Susskind's 'Transforming the Law – Essays on Technology, Justice and the Legal Marketplace'
        Reviewed by Andrew Terrett

  • Lord Lloyd of Kilgerran Prize
  • Can Trade Mark Protection Respond to the International Threat of Cybersquatting?
        James P Hutchinson

  • Documents

  • The English translation of the new 'Rules' for Resolving Chinese Domain Name Disputes

  • Miscellaneous

  • Current news

  • UK Conferences

  • Worldwide Conferences

  • Copyright Notice