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  Journal of Information, Law and Technology   (United Kingdom)
    became European Journal of Law and Technology (2010-)
  2000, Issue 1
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  • Introduction

  • Access to Legal Information - A Welcome Return?

  • Refereed Articles
  • Public Legal Information: Focus and Future
        Tom Bruce
  • Scalability of Web Resources for Law: AustLII's Technical Roadmap: Past, Present and Future
        Daniel Austin, Andrew Mowbray, Philip Chung
  • A Defence of Plain HTML for Law: AustLII's Approach to Standards
        Philip Chung, Daniel Austin, Andrew Mowbray
  • Solving the Problems of Finding Law on the Web: World Law and DIAL
        Graham Greenleaf, Daniel Austin, Philip Chung and Andrew Mowbray, Madeleine Davis and Jill Matthews
  • Connected to the Law: Tasmanian Legislation Using EnAct
        Timothy Arnold-Moore and Jane Clemes
  • Contract Law Relating to Liability for Injury Caused by Information in Electronic Form: Classification of Contracts – A Comparative Study, England and the US
        Noriko Kawawa
  • Electronic Transactions Ordinance – Building a Legal Framework for E-Commerce in Hong Kong
        Richard Wu
  • Use of IT in Law Firms as Enabler of Inter-Organisational Knowledge Networks
        Petter Gottschalk
  • IOLISplus - The Second Chapter
        David Grantham

  • Commentaries
  • Where the Future meets the Past: Pre-1900 NSW case law on the Web
        Bruce Kercher
  • The New ABC: Teaching Computers How to Read Legal Documents
        Allison Stanfield
  • Referencing and Citation of Internet Resources - The Truth is Out There
        Pearl Rozenberg

  • Conference Papers

  • AustLII Conference: Law Via the Internet 1999

  • Learning in Law Initiative (LILI) 2nd Annual Conference 2000

  • Access to Legal Information

  • Free the Law - Joint Evening Meeting, Monday 8 November 1999

  • Prize Winners
  • BILETA Lord Lloyd of Kilgerran 1999 Joint Undergraduate Prize Winner: Contemporary Issues of Digital Sampling Technology, Appropriation and Copyright Law
        Tyrone McKenna

  • IT Reviews
  • IT, Law and Verbal Skills: A Review of a CD-ROM Project, Hong Kong Business Law
        Reviewed by Orlan Lee

  • Book Reviews
  • The Internet - Business Strategies for Law Firms
        Reviewed by Petter Gottschalk
  • Database Nation: The Death of Privacy in the 21st Century
        Reviewed by Alistair Kelman

  • Conference Reports
  • C&IT Comes in Many Sizes
        Peter Moodie

  • Miscellaneous

  • Current News

  • News: 29th October 1999 - 29th February 2000

  • UK Conferences

  • World-wide Conferences

  • Copyright Notice