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  Journal of Information, Law and Technology   (United Kingdom)
    became European Journal of Law and Technology (2010-)
  2005, Issue 2 & 3
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  • Editorial

  • Refereed Articles
  • Like Alice In Wonderland: Applying EC Competition Principles in the Case of Domain Names
        Jonathan Galloway and Konstantinos Komaitis
  • Between Commodification and 'Openness': The Information Society and the Ownership of Knowledge
        Christopher May
  • I Spy With My Little Eye: Taking a Closer Look at Spyware
        Kylie Howard and Yee Fin Lim
  • Access to Legal Information in Cambodia: Initial Steps, Future Possibilities
        Daniel Adler
  • Law Firms and IT: Towards Optimal Knowledge Management
        Martin Apistola and Arno R. Lodder
  • Six Articles Exploring the Legal Environment of e-Government Changing Paradigms of the E: Communication, Governance and Learning
        Abdul Paliwala
  • Basic Aspects of the Regulation of e-Government
        Fernando Galindo
  • Public e-Procurement in Italy
        Gioacchino Quadri di Cardano
  • Local e-Government in Poland: Perspectives for Private Public Co-Operation
        Karol Dobrzeniecki
  • Internet Content Regulation: Implications for E-Government
        Mindaugas Ki kis and Rimantas Petrauskas
  • e-Government and Legal Education in Italy
        Maria Angela Biasiotti and Roberta Nannucci

  • Book Reviews
  • Online Dispute Resolution: Challenges for Contemporary Justice
        Reviewed by Julia Hornle
  • Globalisation, Information & Libraries
        Reviewed by Anita Pincus