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  • Editorial Comment viii
  • The September 11 Terror Attacks An Australian Response
        Hon Justice John Dowd AO and Nicole Abadee
  • September 11 and Terrorism International Law Implications
        Keith Suter
  • The Muslim Dispute in the Southern Philippines A Case of Islamic Conference Mediation
        Soliman M Santos Jr
  • Humanitarian Intervention Missions Elementary Considerations, Humanity and the 'Good Samaritans'
        Ben Chigara
  • Turning to a Trusted Friend Using Debt Exchanges for Environmental and Development Purposes
        Steven Freeland
  • The International Adjudicatory Process and Trans-Boundary Resource Disputes
        Francis N Botchway
  • Accountability for Human Rights Abuses The United Nations' Special Court for Sierra Leone
        Melron C Nicol-Wilson
  • The Treaty Making Process in Australia A Report Card on Recent Reforms
        Glen Cranwell
  • The WTO Dispute Settlement System The Lamb Meat Case
        Alexis Goh

  • Case Notes Dispute Settlement in the WTO The Automotive Leather Dispute

  • The Doctrines of Necessity and Revolution A Critical Review of Republic of Fiji Islands and Attorney General v Prasad

  • Recent Developments

  • Recent Developments in Australian Space Law

  • Book Reviews

  • Genocide in International Law: The Crime of Crimes [William A Schabas, 2000, University Press, Cambridge]

  • An Introduction to the International Criminal Court [William A Schabas, 2001, University Press, Cambridge]

  • La succession d'Etats: la codification √† l'√©preuve des faits / State Succession: Codification Tested against the Facts [PM Eisemann and M Koskenniemi (editors), 2000, Martinus Njhoff Publishers, The Hague]

  • International Court of Justice

  • The Court in 2001

  • Judgments and Orders

  • LaGrand Case (Germany v United States)

  • Maritime Delimitation and Territorial Questions between Qatar and Bahrain (Qatar v Bahrain)

  • Sovereignty over Pulau Ligitan and Pulau Sipadan (Indonesia/Malaysia) (The Philippines Intervening)

  • Armed Activities on the Territory of the Congo (Congo v Uganda) (Order on Counter-Claims)