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Also happy to receive suggestions on English language academic titles that should be added. Contact John Doyle
*Utrecht Journal of International and European Law
AustraliaThe Adelaide Law Review     TOC
Australian Journal of Gender and Law (2008-)[online]     TOC
Australian Journal of Human Rights     TOC
Australian Journal of Legal Philosophy     TOC
Australian Year Book of International Law     TOC
International Trade and Business Law Review     TOC
The Journal Jurisprudence (2008-)     TOC
Journal of Applied Law and Policy (2008-)[online]     TOC
Journal of Australian Taxation     TOC
Journal of Law, Information and Science     TOC
*Law Society Journal
LAWASIA Journal     TOC
Legal Education Review   homepage2     TOC
Macquarie Law Journal     TOC
Media & Arts Law Review     TOC
Melbourne Journal of International Law   homepage2     TOC
Property Law Review (2011-)     TOC
Revenue Law Journal     TOC
*Southern Cross University Law Review
The University of Notre Dame Australia Law Review     TOC
The University of Queensland Law Journal     TOC
University of Western Sydney Law Review     TOC
AustriaVienna Journal on International Constitutional Law (2007-)     TOC
BelgiumCompetition and Regulation in Network Industries     TOC
European Banking and Financial Law Journal (Euredia)     TOC
European Journal of Social Security   homepage2     TOC
European Labour Law Journal (2010-)     TOC
Human Rights & International Legal Discourse (2007-)   homepage2     TOC
*Inter-American and European human rights journal (2008-)
The Military Law and the Law of War Review     TOC
New Journal of European Criminal Law (2009-)     TOC
BrazilSUR - International Journal on Human Rights (2004-)     TOC
CanadaAnnals of Air and Space Law     TOC
Asper Review of International Business and Trade Law     TOC
Les Cahiers de Droit : consultation du dernier numero     TOC
Canadian Criminal Law Review     TOC
Canadian Family Law Quarterly     TOC
*Canadian Journal of Human Rights (2010-)
Canadian Journal of Law and Technology (2002-)     TOC
Canadian Yearbook of International Law     TOC
Constitutional Forum     TOC
Intellectual Property Journal     TOC
*Journal of Parliamentary and Political Law (2008-)
Journal of Politics and Law (2008-)     TOC
Ocean Yearbook     TOC
Revue juridique Thémis     TOC
Revue québécoise de droit international     TOC
The Supreme Court Law Review     TOC
The Windsor Yearbook of Access to Justice     TOC
China*Peking University Transnational Law Review
Tsinghua China Law Review (2009-)     TOC
Czech RepublicMasaryk University Journal of Law and Technology (2007-)   homepage2     TOC
EstoniaJuridica International     TOC
EthiopiaMizan Law Review (2007-)     TOC
FranceInternational Business Law Journal     TOC
International Review of Penal Law     TOC
Nuclear Law Bulletin   homepage2     TOC
GeorgiaGeorgian Law Review     TOC
GermanyCarbon & Climate Law Review (2007-)     TOC
European Food and Feed Law Review (2006-)     TOC
European Journal of Risk Regulation (2010-)     TOC
European State Aid Law Quarterly (2002-)     TOC
German Yearbook of International Law     TOC
Göttingen Journal of International Law (2009-)[online]     TOC
Heidelberg Journal of International Law     TOC
Journal of European Tort Law (2010-)     TOC
Journal of Japanese Law     TOC
Max Planck Yearbook of United Nations Law     TOC
Renewable Energy Law and Policy Review (2010-)     TOC
Hong KongCity University of Hong Kong Law Review (2009-)     TOC
Hong Kong Journal of Legal Studies (2007-)     TOC
IndiaGNLU Journal of law, Development and Politics (2009-)     TOC
*The GNLU Law Review (2008-)
*Indian Journal of Human Rights and the Law (2004-)
Indian Journal of International Law     TOC
The Indian Journal of Law and Technology (2005-)     TOC
*Indian Yearbook of International Law and Policy (2010-)
*International Journal of Jurisprudence and Philosophy of Law (2008-)
Jindal Global Law Review (2009-)     TOC
*Journal of Islamic Law Review
*National Law School of India Review
NUJS Law Review (2008-)     TOC
Trade, Law and Development (2009-)     TOC
IrelandConveyancing and Property Law Journal     TOC
Cork Online Law Review (2002-)[online]     TOC
Hibernian Law Journal     TOC
Irish Criminal Law Journal     TOC
Irish Employment Law Journal     TOC
Irish Journal of Family Law     TOC
Irish Journal of Public Policy (2009-)[online]     TOC
The Irish Jurist     TOC
Irish Planning and Environmental Law Journal     TOC
Irish Yearbook of International Law (2006-)     TOC
Medico-Legal Journal of Ireland   homepage2     TOC
Trinity College Law Review     TOC
IsraelIsrael Yearbook on Human Rights     TOC
Jerusalem Review of Legal Studies (2010-)     TOC
*Jewish Law Association Studies
Justice     TOC
Law & Ethics of Human Rights (2007-)     TOC
ItalyUniform Law Review     TOC
JapanHitotsubashi Journal of Law and Politics     TOC
Kobe University Law Review     TOC
Waseda Bulletin of Comparative Law     TOC
Waseda Proceedings of Comparative Law     TOC
KoreaJournal of East Asia and International Law (2008-)     TOC
Journal of Korean Law     TOC
*Sungkyunkwan Journal of Science & Technology Law (2007-)
LebanonInternational Journal of Arab Arbitration (2009-)     TOC
LithuaniaBaltic Journal of Law & Politics (2008-)[online]     TOC
MalawiMalawi Law Journal (2007-)     TOC
NetherlandsAfrican Journal of Legal Studies (2004-)     TOC
African Yearbook of International Law     TOC
Amsterdam Law Forum (2008-)[online]     TOC
Asian International Arbitration Journal   homepage2     TOC
Asian Yearbook of International Law     TOC
Chinese (Taiwan) Yearbook of International Law and Affairs     TOC
Climate Law (2010-)     TOC
Erasmus Law Review (2007-)[online]     TOC
European Company Law (2004-)     TOC
European Energy and Environmental Law Review     TOC
*European Journal of Commercial Contract Law (2009-)
European Journal of Law Reform     TOC
Hague Yearbook of International Law   homepage2     TOC
International Free and Open Source Software Law Review (2009-)[online]     TOC
Journal of Constitutional Law in Eastern and Central Europe     TOC
Journal of International Humanitarian Legal Studies (2010-)     TOC
Palestine Yearbook of International Law     TOC
Review of European Administrative Law (2007-)     TOC
New ZealandNew Zealand Business Law Quarterly     TOC
*New Zealand Family Law Journal
*New Zealand Journal of Employment Relations
*New Zealand Journal of Taxation Law and Policy
New Zealand Law Journal     TOC
New Zealand Law Review     TOC
The New Zealand Yearbook of International Law     TOC
Waikato Law Review     TOC
Yearbook of New Zealand Jurisprudence     TOC
NorwayArctic Review on Law and Politics (2010-)     TOC
PhilippinesAteneo Law Journal     TOC
PolandPolish Yearbook of International Law     TOC
RomaniaAgora International Journal of Juridical Sciences (2007-)     TOC
European Journal of Probation (2009-)[online]     TOC
SingaporeThe Asian Journal of Comparative Law (2006-)     TOC
Singapore Academy of Law Journal     TOC
Singapore Journal of Legal Studies     TOC
SloveniaLex Localis: Journal of Local Self-Government     TOC
Slovenian Law Review (2004-)     TOC
South AfricaActa Juridica     TOC
Fundamina: A Journal of Legal History     TOC
Journal for Juridical Science     TOC
Journal of South African Law     TOC
Pretoria Student Law Review (2007-)   homepage2     TOC
Responsa Meridiana     TOC
South African Journal of Bioethics and Law (2008-)[online]     TOC
*South African Journal of Criminal Justice
South African Mercantile Law Journal     TOC
South African Yearbook of International Law     TOC
SwedenScandinavian Studies in Law     TOC
Switzerland*International Journal of Public Law and Policy
TaiwanContemporary Asia Arbitration Journal (2008-)     TOC
National Taiwan University Law Review (2006-)     TOC
UK*Business and Human Rights Journal
uk*Oxford Journal of Law and Religion
United KingdomAberdeen Student Law Review (2010-)     TOC
Art, Antiquity and Law     TOC
Asian Journal of International Law (2011-)     TOC
*Asian Journal of Law and Society
*British Journal of American Legal Studies
The British Year Book of International Law     TOC
*The Charity Law & Practice Review
Child & Family Law Quarterly     TOC
Commonwealth Judicial Journal     TOC
Construction Law Journal     TOC
The Conveyancer and Property Lawyer     TOC
*The Corporate Tax Review
*Coventry Law Journal
Current Legal Problems     TOC
Digital Evidence and Electronic Signature Law Review     TOC
*The EC Tax Journal
Edinburgh Student Law Review (2009-)     TOC
*Environmental Law and Management
*Environmental Liability
European Business Law Review     TOC
European Competition Law Review     TOC
European Intellectual Property Review     TOC
European Journal of Law and Technology [online]     TOC
Family Law     TOC
Global Competition Litigation Review (2008-)     TOC
International Company and Commercial Law Review     TOC
*International Construction Law Review
International Corporate Rescue     TOC
*International Data Privacy Law (2011-)[online]
International Energy Law Review     TOC
International Journal of Clinical Legal Education     TOC
International Journal of Corporate Governance (2008-)     TOC
International Journal of Law in the Built Environment (2009- )     TOC
*International Journal of Procedural Law (2011-)
International Trade Law & Regulation     TOC
Jewish Law Annual     TOC
Journal of Banking Regulation     TOC
Journal of European Competition Law & Practice     TOC
Journal of International Dispute Settlement (2010-)     TOC
The Journal of International Maritime Law     TOC
Journal of International Trade Law & Policy (2002-)   homepage2     TOC
The Journal of Media Law (2009-)     TOC
Journal of Personal Injury Law     TOC
Jurisprudence: An International Journal of Legal and Political Thought (2010-)     TOC
King's Student Law Review (2009-)[online]     TOC
Law, Environment and Development Journal (2005-)[online]     TOC
Law, Innovation and Technology (2009-)     TOC
Medical Law International     TOC
Medico-Legal Journal     TOC
*New Law Journal
Policing: a Journal of Policy and Practice (2007-)     TOC
*Sport and the Law Journal
Swedish Studies in European Law (2006-)     TOC
*Transnational Environmental Law (2012-)
Yearbook of European Law     TOC
Yearbook of International Environmental Law     TOC
US*ABA Journal
*Accord, A Legal Journal for Practioners
Accounting, Economics, and Law: A Convivium (2011-)[online]     TOC
*Administrative Law Review
AICELS Law Review: Journal on Central European Law (2009-)     TOC
AIPLA Quarterly Journal     TOC
Air Force Law Review     TOC
Akron Intellectual Property Journal (2007-)     TOC
*Akron Law Review
*Alabama Law Review
Alaska Justice Forum [online]     TOC
*Albany Law Review
*American Criminal Law Review
*American Journal of Comparative Law
*American Journal of International Law
*American Journal of International Law Unbound
*American Journal of Law & Medicine
American Journal of Mediation (2007-)   homepage2     TOC
American University Criminal Law Brief (2006-)     TOC
American University Intellectual Property Brief     TOC
American University Labor & Employment Law Forum (2010-)[online]   homepage2     TOC
*American University Law Review
Arizona Journal of Environmental Law & Policy (2010-)     TOC
*Arizona Law Review
*Arizona State Law Journal
Arizona Summit Law Review     TOC
*Arkansas Law Review
The Army Lawyer     TOC
Asian Journal of Criminology (2006-)     TOC
Asian Journal of Law and Economics (2010-)[online]     TOC
The ATA Journal of Legal Tax Research (2003-)     TOC
*Atlantic Law Journal
*Baylor Law Review
*Behavioral Sciences & the Law
*Beijing Law Review (2010-)
Benefits Law Journal     TOC
Berkeley Journal of Criminal Law [online]     TOC
*Berkeley Journal of Entertainment & Sports Law
Berkeley Journal of International Law     TOC
Berkeley Journal of Middle Eastern & Islamic Law (2008-)     TOC
The Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Law Review (2007-)     TOC
*Boston College Law Review
*Boston University Law Review
Brandeis University Law Journal (2010-)     TOC
*Brigham Young University Law Review
Brooklyn Journal of Corporate, Financial & Commercial Law (2006-)     TOC
*Brooklyn Law Review
*Buffalo Law Review
Buffalo Law Review The Docket (2010-)[online]     TOC
*Business & Bankruptcy Law Journal
Business Law Review     TOC
*Business Lawyer
*California Law Review
California Legal History (2006-)     TOC
*Capital University Law Review
*Cardozo Law Review De Novo (2009-)[online]
*Case Western Reserve Law Review
*Catholic University Law Review
Charleston Law Review (2006-)     TOC
Chicago-Kent Journal of Environmental and Energy Law (2011-)[online]     TOC
*Chicago-Kent Law Review
Children's Legal Rights Journal     TOC
*Cleveland State Law Review
Columbia Journal of Race and Law (2011-)[online]     TOC
Columbia Journal of Tax Law (2009-)     TOC
*Columbia Law Review
*Connecticut Law Review
Connecticut Public Interest Law Journal     TOC
Consumer Finance Law Quarterly Report     TOC
*Cornell Law Review
The Corporate Governance Advisor     TOC
Court Review: The Journal of the American Judges Association   homepage2     TOC
*Creighton Law Review
Criminal Justice Ethics     TOC
Criminal Law Bulletin     TOC
The Crit: A Critical Studies Journal (2008-)[online]     TOC
The Dartmouth Law Journal (2003-)     TOC
*Denver University Law Review
DePaul Journal of Sports Law & Contemporary Problems (2003-)     TOC
*DePaul Law Review
*Drake Law Review
Drug Court Review     TOC
Duke Forum for Law & Social Change (2009-)     TOC
Duke Journal of Constitutional Law & Public Policy (2006-)     TOC
Duke Journal of Constitutional Law & Public Policy Sidebar (2006-)[online]     TOC
*Duke Law Journal
*Duquesne Law Review
East Asia Law Review (2005-)[online]     TOC
Ecology Law Currents (2008-)[online]     TOC
*Ecology Law Quarterly
Elon Law Review (2009-)     TOC
*Emory Law Journal
Employee Relations Law Journal     TOC
*Engage: the journal of the Federalist Society's practice groups
*Environmental and Earth Law Journal
Environs: Environmental Law and Policy Journal     TOC
Estate Planning     TOC
Estate Planning & Community Property Law Journal (2008-)     TOC
European International Arbitration Review     TOC
*Exempt Organization Tax Review
False Claims Act and Qui Tam Quarterly Review     TOC
Family & Intimate Partner Violence Quarterly (2008-)     TOC
*Family Law Quarterly
Faulkner Law Review     TOC
Federal Lawyer     TOC
*Federal Probation
First Amendment Law Review (2003-)     TOC
The Fletcher Forum of World Affairs     TOC
*Florida Law Review
*Florida Law Review Forum
*Florida State University Law Review
For the Defense     TOC
*Fordham Law Review
The Freedom Center Journal (2008-)     TOC
*George Mason Journal of International Commercial Law
*George Mason Law Review
The George Washington Journal of Energy and Environmental Law (2010-)     TOC
*George Washington Law Review
*Georgetown Law Journal
*Georgia Law Review
*Georgia State University Law Review
Global Business Law Review (2010-)     TOC
The Green Bag     TOC
*Harvard Business Law Review
*Harvard Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law Review
*Harvard International Law Journal
*Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy
Harvard Journal of Sports and Entertainment Law (2010-)[online]     TOC
*Harvard Journal on Legislation
Harvard Law & Policy Review (2007-)     TOC
*Harvard Law Review
Harvard National Security Journal (2010-)     TOC
*Hastings Law Journal
Hastings Race and Poverty Law Journal (2003-)     TOC
*Hofstra Law Review
Holy Cross Journal of Law and Public Policy     TOC
*Houston Law Review
*Howard Law Journal
Human Life Review     TOC
Human Rights Brief     TOC
Human Rights Quarterly     TOC
*Idaho Law Review
*Indiana Law Journal
*Indiana Law Review
Intercultural Human Rights Law Review (2006-)     TOC
International Criminal Justice Review   homepage2     TOC
*International Journal of Law and Psychiatry
International Journal of Legal Information     TOC
*International Law Studies
International Society of Barristers Quarterly     TOC
*Iowa Law Review
*Iowa Law Review Online
The IP Law Book Review (2010-)[online]     TOC
John Marshall Law Journal (2008-)     TOC
Journal of Animal & Environmental Law (2009-)[online]     TOC
Journal of Animal & Natural Resources Law (2005-)     TOC
*Journal of Biosecurity, Biosafety and Biodefense Law
Journal of Business, Entrepreneurship & the Law (2007-)     TOC
Journal of Civil Law Studies (2008-)     TOC
*Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology
*Journal of Digital Forensics, Security and Law (2006-)
Journal of Ethnicity in Criminal Justice (2003-)     TOC
Journal of Health & Life Sciences Law [online]     TOC
Journal of International Affairs     TOC
Journal of International Aging Law & Policy (2005-)     TOC
Journal of International Business & Law     TOC
*Journal of Law & Economics
*The Journal of Law and Cyberwarfare (2011-)
*Journal of Law and Social Deviance
*Journal of Law, Business & Ethics
*Journal of Law, Economics and Organization
*Journal of Law, Technology & the Internet (2011-)
Journal of Legal Affairs and Dispute Resolution in Engineering and Construction (2009-)     TOC
Journal of Legal Aspects of Sport     TOC
*Journal of Legal Education
*Journal of Legal Medicine
*Journal of Legal Studies
Journal of Legal Studies in Business     TOC
Journal of Legal Technology Risk Management (2006-)     TOC
Journal of Media Law & Ethics (2009-)     TOC
Journal of National Security Law & Policy (2005-)     TOC
Journal of Pension Planning & Compliance     TOC
Journal of Securities Law, Regulation & Compliance (2007-)     TOC
Journal of the American College of Construction Lawyers (2007-)     TOC
Journal of the Institute of Justice and International Studies     TOC
Journal of the National Association of Administrative Law Judiciary     TOC
Journal of Tort Law (2006-)[online]     TOC
Journal of Transportation Law, Logistics and Policy     TOC
*Kentucky Law Journal
*Labor Law Journal
*Law & Social Inquiry
*Law & Society Review
Law and Business Review of the Americas     TOC
*Law and Contemporary Problems
*Law and Human Behavior
Legal Communication & Rhetoric: JALWD (2002-)     TOC
Legal Writing: The Journal of the Legal Writing Institute     TOC
Legislation and Policy Brief (2008-)[online]     TOC
Liberty University Law Review (2006-)     TOC
Los Angeles Public Interest Law Journal (2008-)     TOC
*Louisiana Law Review
Loyola Maritime Law Journal (2002-)     TOC
Marquette Elder's Advisor     TOC
*Marquette Law Review
*Maryland Law Review
Medical Trial Technique Quarterly     TOC
*Mercer Law Review
*Michigan Business and Entrepreneurial Law Review
*Michigan Journal of Environmental and Administrative Law (2011-)
*Michigan Law Review
Midwest Law Journal     TOC
Military Law Review     TOC
Minnesota Journal of International Law Online (2009-)[online]   homepage2     TOC
Minnesota Journal of Law, Science & Technology     TOC
*Minnesota Law Review
Minnesota Law Review Headnotes (2009-)[online]     TOC
*Mississippi Sports Law Review
*Missouri Law Review
The Modern American: A Scholarly Publication Dedicated to Diversity and the Law (2005-)     TOC
Municipal Lawyer     TOC
*Mustang Journal of Law & Legal Studies
NAELA Journal (2005-)     TOC
Nanotechnology Law & Business (2004-)     TOC
*Natural Resources Journal
*New York Law School Law Review
New York University Annual Institute on Federal Taxation     TOC
New York University Journal of Law & Liberty (2005-)     TOC
*New York University Law Review
The News Media & the Law     TOC
*North Carolina Law Review
*North East Journal of Legal Studies
Northeastern University Law Journal (2009-)[online]   homepage2     TOC
Northwestern Interdisciplinary Law Review (2008-)     TOC
Northwestern Journal of Law and Social Policy (2006-)[online]     TOC
*Northwestern Law Review
Northwestern University Journal of International Human Rights (2003-)     TOC
Norton Annual Survey of Bankruptcy Law     TOC
*Notre Dame Law Review
*Ohio Northern University Law Review
*Ohio State Law Journal
*Oil, Gas & Energy Quarterly
*Oklahoma Law Review
*Oregon Law Review
Oregon Review of International Law     TOC
*Penn State Law Review
*Penn State Law Review Penn Statim (2010-)[online]
Pittsburgh Journal of Environmental and Public Health Law (2006-)     TOC
The Practical Real Estate Lawyer     TOC
*Pratt's Journal of Bankruptcy Law (2005-)
The Prosecutor     TOC
Race and Justice (2011-)     TOC
Real Estate Taxation     TOC
The Review of Banking and Financial Law     TOC
Revista Juridica de la Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico     TOC
Revista Juridica Universidad de Puerto Rico     TOC
*Rocky Mountain Law Journal
Rutgers Journal of Law and Public Policy (2003-)     TOC
*Rutgers University Law Review (2015 - )
Saint Louis University Journal of Health Law & Policy (2007-)     TOC
*Saint Louis University Law Journal
San Diego Journal of Climate & Energy Law (2009-)     TOC
*San Diego Law Review
San Joaquin Agricultural Law Review     TOC
*Santa Clara Law Review
Seton Hall Circuit Review (2005-)     TOC
*SMU Law Review
SMU Science and Technology Law Review     TOC
South Carolina Journal of International Law and Business (2003-)     TOC
*South Carolina Law Review
*South Dakota Law Review
*Southern California Law Review
*Southern Journal of Business and Ethics
*Southern Journal of Policy and Justice (2006-)
Southern Law Journal     TOC
*Southwestern Law Review
*Sports and Entertainment Law Journal
*St. John's Law Review
*St. Mary’s Journal on Legal Malpractice & Ethics (2011-)
*St. Mary's Law Journal
Stanford Journal of Animal Law and Policy (2008-)[online]     TOC
*Stanford Law Review
*Stanford Law Review Online
*Suffolk University Law Review
*Supra: Online Companion to the Mississippi Law Journal [online]
Supreme Court Economic Review   homepage2     TOC
Sustainable Development Law & Policy     TOC
*Syracuse Law Review
Tax Adviser     TOC
*Tax Notes
*Tax Notes International
*Taxation of Exempts
Taxes - The Tax Magazine     TOC
*Temple Law Review
*Tennessee Law Review
Texas Hispanic Journal of Law and Policy   homepage2     TOC
Texas Journal of Oil, Gas, and Energy Law (2006-)   homepage2     TOC
*Texas Law Review
Touro International Law Review [online]     TOC
*Tulane Law Review
U.C. Davis Journal of Juvenile Law and Policy     TOC
*U.C. Davis Law Review
UC Irvine Law Review (2011-)     TOC
*UCLA Law Review
UCLA Law Review Discourse (2008-)[online]     TOC
*University of Baltimore Journal of International Law
*University of Chicago Law Review
*University of Cincinnati Law Review
*University of Colorado Law Review
*University of Denver Criminal Law Review
*University of Detroit Mercy Law Review
*University of Illinois Law Review
*University of Kansas Law Review
University of La Verne Law Review     TOC
*University of Miami Law Review
*University of Miami Race & Social Justice Law Review
University of Pennsylvania Journal of Law and Social Change     TOC
*University of Pennsylvania Law Review
*University of Pittsburgh Law Review
University of Puerto Rico Business Law Journal (2010-)[online]     TOC
*University of Richmond Law Review
*University of San Francisco Law Review
*University of the Pacific Law Review
*University of Toledo Law Review
UNLV Gaming Law Journal (2010-)     TOC
*Urban Lawyer
*Utah Law Review
*Vanderbilt Law Review
*Vanderbilt Law Review En Banc (2008-)[online]
Vermont Journal of Environmental Law     TOC
Veterans Law Review (2009-)     TOC
*Villanova Law Review
*Virginia Journal of Criminal Law (2011-)
Virginia Law & Business Review (2006-)     TOC
*Virginia Law Review
Wake Forest Journal of Business and Intellectual Property Law     TOC
*Wake Forest Journal of Law and Policy (2011-)
*Wake Forest Law Review
Washington and Lee Journal of Energy, Climate, and the Environment     TOC
*Washington and Lee Law Review
*Washington and Lee Law Review Online
*Washington Law Review
*Washington Law Review Online
Washington University Jurisprudence Review (2009-)     TOC
*Washington University Law Review
Washington University Law Review Commentaries (2007-)[online]     TOC
*Wayne Law Review
*West Virginia Law Review Online
Widener Journal of Law, Economics and Race (2010-)[online]     TOC
William & Mary Policy Review (2010-)     TOC
William and Mary Business Law Review (2010-)     TOC
*William and Mary Law Review
*Wisconsin Law Review
Women Lawyers Journal     TOC
*The Yale Journal of International Law Online (2009-)[online]
*Yale Law Journal