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Accounting, Economics, and Law: A Convivium (2011-)[online]
American Business Law Journal
The American Review of International Arbitration
Antitrust Magazine
The Antitrust Bulletin
Antitrust Law Journal
The Antitrust Source [online]
Art, Antiquity and Law (United Kingdom)
Asian Business Lawyer (2008-) (Korea)
Asian International Arbitration Journal (Netherlands)
Asian Journal of WTO & International Health Law and Policy (2006-) (Taiwan)
Asper Review of International Business and Trade Law (Canada)
Australian Business Law Review (Australia)
Berkeley Business Law Journal (2004-)
Brigham Young University International Law & Management Review (2005-)
Brooklyn Journal of Corporate, Financial & Commercial Law (2006-)
Building and Construction Law Journal (Australia)
Business Law International (United Kingdom)
Business Law Review
Business Law Today [online]
Canadian Business Law Journal (Canada)
Columbia Business Law Review
Columbia Journal of Transnational Law
Common Market Law Review (United Kingdom)
Competition & Consumer Law Journal (Australia)
Construction Law Journal (United Kingdom)
The Construction Lawyer
Consumer Finance Law Quarterly Report
Contemporary Asia Arbitration Journal (2008-) (Taiwan)
Currents: International Trade Law Journal
Delaware Journal of Corporate Law
DePaul Business & Commercial Law Journal
Duquesne Business Law Journal
European Business Law Review (United Kingdom)
European Competition Journal (2005-) (United Kingdom)
European Competition Law Review (United Kingdom)
European International Arbitration Review
European Journal of Commercial Contract Law (2009-) (Netherlands)
European Review of Contract Law (2005-) (Germany)
European State Aid Law Quarterly (2002-) (Germany)
Federal Circuit Bar Journal
Franchise Law Journal
George Mason Journal of International Commercial Law
Georgetown Journal of International Law
Global Business Law Review (2010-)
Global Competition Litigation Review (2008-) (United Kingdom)
The Hastings Business Law Journal (2005-)
Houston Business and Tax Law Journal
ICSID Review: Foreign Investment Law Journal
Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies
International Arbitration Law Review (United Kingdom)
International Business Law Journal (France)
International Company and Commercial Law Review (United Kingdom)
International Construction Law Review (United Kingdom)
International Journal of Arab Arbitration (2009-) (Lebanon)
International Journal of Corporate Governance (2008-) (United Kingdom)
International Journal of Franchising Law (United Kingdom)
International Journal of Intellectual Property Management (2006-) (Switzerland)
International Journal of Law and Management (United Kingdom)
International Journal of Private Law (2008-) (Switzerland)
International Trade and Business Law Review (Australia)
Irish Business Law Quarterly (2005-) (Ireland)
Journal of Business & Securities Law (2005-)
Journal of Business & Technology Law (2006-)
The Journal of Business Law (United Kingdom)
Journal of Business, Entrepreneurship & the Law (2007-)
Journal of Competition Law and Economics (2005-) (United Kingdom)
Journal of Consumer & Commercial Law
Journal of Consumer Policy (Germany)
Journal of Contract Law (Australia)
Journal of European Competition Law & Practice (United Kingdom)
Journal of Financial Crime (United Kingdom)
Journal of International Arbitration
Journal of International Business & Law
Journal of International Commercial Law and Technology (2006-)[online] (Denmark)
Journal of International Dispute Settlement (2010-) (United Kingdom)
Journal of International Trade Law & Policy (2002-) (United Kingdom)
Journal of Law and Commerce
Journal of Legal Affairs and Dispute Resolution in Engineering and Construction (2009-)
The Journal of Legal Studies Education
Journal of Legal Studies in Business
Journal of Money Laundering Control (United Kingdom)
Journal of Pension Planning & Compliance
Journal of Private International Law (2005-) (United Kingdom)
Journal of Securities Law, Regulation & Compliance (2007-)
Journal of the American College of Construction Lawyers (2007-)
The Journal of World Investment & Trade (Switzerland)
Journal of World Trade
Law and Business Review of the Americas
Law and Financial Markets Review (2007-) (United Kingdom)
Lloyd's Maritime and Commercial law Quarterly (United Kingdom)
Loyola Consumer Law Review
Manchester Journal of International Economic Law (2004-)[online] (United Kingdom)
Midwest Law Journal
Mustang Journal of Law & Legal Studies
New York University Journal of Law & Business (2004-)
New Zealand Business Law Quarterly (New Zealand)
Nordic Journal of Commercial Law (2003-)[online] (Finland)
North Carolina Journal of International Law and Commercial Regulation
Northwestern Journal of International Law & Business
Ohio State Entrepreneurial Business Law Journal (2006-)
Public Contract Law Journal
Restitution Law Review (United Kingdom)
Richmond Journal of Global Law and Business
Rutgers Business Law Review (2002-)[online]
South African Mercantile Law Journal (South Africa)
South Carolina Journal of International Law and Business (2003-)
Southern Journal of Business and Ethics
Southern Law Journal
Southwestern Journal of International Law
Stanford Journal of Law, Business & Finance
Syracuse Journal of International Law and Commerce
Texas Journal of Business Law
Trade, Law and Development (2009-) (India)
Transactions: The Tennessee Journal of Business Law
U.C. Davis Business Law Journal [online]
Uniform Commercial Code Law Journal
Uniform Law Review (Italy)
University of Miami Business Law Review
The University of Miami Inter-American Law Review
University of Pennsylvania Journal of Business Law
University of Puerto Rico Business Law Journal (2010-)[online]
Virginia Law & Business Review (2006-)
Washington Journal of Law, Technology & Arts (2004-)[online]
William and Mary Business Law Review (2010-)
World Arbitration & Mediation Review
World Competition: Law and Economics Review (Netherlands)
World Trade and Arbitration Materials
World Trade Review (United Kingdom)
Yale Journal on Regulation
Yearbook on Arbitration and Mediation (2009-)
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