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Explanation of Cites/Cost
ABA Journal of Labor & Employment Law$45 0.8
ACTEC Law Journal$60 0.1
Adelaide Law Review$42 0.04
Advocates' Quarterly$187 0.03
AIPLA Quarterly Journal$95 0.34
Akron Tax Journal$13 0.69
Alaska Law Review$30 0.53
Albany Government Law Review$25 1.59
Albany Law Journal of Science & Technology$20 3.33
Alberta Law Review$60 0.37
ALI-ABA Business Law Course Materials Journal$59 0
ALI-CLE Estate Planning Course Materials Journal$65 0.01
Alternative Law Journal$121 0.04
American Bankruptcy Institute Law Review$86 0.6
American Bankruptcy Law Journal$75 0.87
American Business Law Journal$526 0.21
American Indian Law Review$30 1.15
American Journal of Criminal Justice$269 0.01
American Journal of Criminal Law$30 1.18
American Journal of Family Law$290 0.01
American Journal of Jurisprudence$150 0.07
American Journal of Legal History$45 0.33
American Journal of Mediation$28.50 0.01
American Journal of Trial Advocacy$24 1.12
American Law and Economics Review$215 0.19
American Political Science Review$816 0.04
American Review of International Arbitration$302 0.11
American University International Law Review$45 1.48
American University Journal of Gender, Social Policy & the Law$35 1.87
American University Law Review$45 5
Animal Law$32 0.56
Annals of Health Law$50 0.86
Annual Review of Law and Social Science$197 0.33
Antitrust$40 0.48
Antitrust Bulletin$95 0.14
Antitrust Law & Economics Review ( -2009)$108 0
Antitrust Law Journal$75 1.04
Appalachian Journal of Law$25 0.86
Arizona Journal of International and Comparative Law$29 1.38
Arizona Summit Law Review$40 0.36
Army Lawyer$45 1
Art and Museum Law Journal$27 0.01
Asian American Law Journal$45 0.33
Asian Journal of Criminology$335 0
Asian Journal of Law and Economics$300 0
Asian Journal of WTO & International Health Law and Policy$55 0.3
Asper Review of International Business and Trade Law$56 0.13
ATA Journal of Legal Tax Research$135 0
Australian Law Journal$592 0.02
Ave Maria Law Review$14 2.52
Banking & Finance Law Review$202 0.04
Banking Law Journal$399 0.07
Baylor Law Review$36 1.9
Beijing Law Review$156 0
Benefits Law Journal$450 0
Berkeley Business Law Journal$45 0.79
Berkeley Journal of African-American Law & Policy$40 0.4
Berkeley Journal of Employment and Labor Law$47 1.38
Berkeley Journal of Gender, Law & Justice$55 0.77
Berkeley Journal of International Law$56 1.45
Berkeley Journal of Middle Eastern & Islamic Law$40 0
Berkeley La Raza Law Journal$53 0.23
Berkeley Technology Law Journal$85 2.61
Biotechnology Law Report$3169 0
Boston College Environmental Affairs Law Review$35 1.77
Boston College International and Comparative Law Review$15 3.37
Boston College Journal of Law and Social Justice$14 3.12
Boston College Law Review$40 7.14
Boston University International Law Journal$35 1.16
Boston University Journal of Science & Technology Law$50 0.94
Boston University Law Review$50 7.47
Boston University Public Interest Law Journal$25 1.5
Brigham Young University Education and Law Journal$32 1.25
Brigham Young University International Law & Management Review$40 0.22
Brigham Young University Journal of Public Law$20 1.97
British Journal of Criminology$692 0.04
British Tax Review$681 0.01
British Year Book of International Law$252.11 0.01
Brooklyn Journal of Corporate, Financial & Commercial Law$22 2.01
Brooklyn Journal of International Law$25 3.66
Brooklyn Law Review$40 3.61
Buffalo Environmental Law Journal$39 0.24
Buffalo Human Rights Law Review$87 0.22
Buffalo Intellectual Property Law Journal$25 0.38
Buffalo Journal of Gender, Law & Social Policy$35 0.19
Buffalo Law Review$36 4.12
Buffalo Public Interest Law Journal: In the Public Interest$35 0.26
Business Law Review$10 0.04
Business Law Today$28 0.53
California Law Review$100 5.09
California Western International Law Journal$20 1.22
California Western Law Review$20 2.32
Cambridge Law Journal$116 0.22
Campbell Law Review$30 1.34
Canada-United States Law Journal$66 0.05
Canadian Bar Review$155 0.04
Canadian Business Law Journal$168 0.07
Canadian Journal of Criminology and Criminal Justice$225 0.02
Canadian Journal of Family Law$60 0.1
Canadian Journal of Law and Jurisprudence$117.50 0.18
Canadian Journal of Law and Technology$299 0.02
Capital Markets Law Journal$910 0.01
Cardozo Arts & Entertainment Law Journal$45 2.39
Cardozo Journal of Conflict Resolution$35 1.5
Cardozo Journal of International & Comparative Law$65 0.69
Cardozo Journal of Law & Gender$60 0.61
Cardozo Law Review$50 7.74
Cardozo Public Law, Policy & Ethics Journal$65 1.04
Case Western Reserve Journal of International Law$22 3.43
Cato Supreme Court Review$15 5.22
Chapman Journal of Criminal Justice$12 0
Chapman Law Review$36 1.42
Charleston Law Review$50 0.76
Chicago Journal of International Law$32 4.12
Chicago-Kent Law Review$35 3.98
Chicana/o Latina/o Law Review$25 0.32
Child Welfare$195 0.02
Children's Legal Rights Journal$75 0.06
Chinese Journal of International Law$332 0.09
City University of New York (CUNY) Law Review$40 0.46
Civil Justice Quarterly$427 0.02
Clearinghouse Review$500 0.05
Clinical Law Review$24 3.34
Colorado Natural Resources, Energy, & Environmental Law Review$45 0.82
Colorado Technology Law Journal$45 1.33
Columbia Business Law Review$55 1.63
Columbia Human Rights Law Review$60 1.42
Columbia Journal of Asian Law$45 0.5
Columbia Journal of Environmental Law$35 1.05
Columbia Journal of European Law$200 0.29
Columbia Journal of Gender and Law$65 1.41
Columbia Journal of Law & the Arts$45 1.59
Columbia Journal of Law and Social Problems$40 1.05
Columbia Journal of Transnational Law$45 2.16
Columbia Law Review$60 10.65
CommLaw Conspectus: Journal of Communications Law and Policy$40 0.91
Common Market Law Review$900 0.03
Communications Lawyer$45 0.16
Comparative Labor Law & Policy Journal$30 1.62
Computer Law and Security Review$1324 0
Conflict Resolution Quarterly$305 0.02
Connecticut Insurance Law Journal$28 1.12
Connecticut Journal of International Law$20 1.28
Connecticut Public Interest Law Journal$20 1.39
Constitutional Commentary$22 4.93
Construction Lawyer$50 0.11
Consumer Finance Law Quarterly Report$99 0.53
Cornell International Law Journal$25 3.06
Cornell Journal of Law and Public Policy$27 3.78
Cornell Law Review$45 8.96
Corporate Governance Advisor$584 0.01
Corporate Governance Law Review$300 
Corporate Practice Commentator$122 
Corporate Taxation$390 0
Court Review: The Journal of the American Judges Association$35 0.31
Creighton Law Review$32 2.34
Crime & Delinquency$1270 0.01
Crime, Law and Social Change$1115 0.01
Criminal Justice$48 0.7
Criminal Justice and Behavior$923 0.02
Criminal Justice Ethics$50 0.05
Criminal Justice Policy Review$909 0.01
Criminal Justice Review$289 0.01
Criminal Law and Philosophy$298 0.05
Criminal Law Bulletin$116 0.34
Criminal Law Forum$402 0.03
Criminal Law Quarterly$162 0.04
Criminal Law Review$810 0.01
Criminology$263 0.07
Criminology & Public Policy$263 0.09
Cumberland Law Review$24 1.41
Current Legal Problems$160 0.05
Current Municipal Problems$534 
Currents: International Trade Law Journal$30 0.2
Dalhousie Law Journal$70 0.12
Dartmouth Law Journal$32 0.07
Deakin Law Review$75 0.04
Defense Counsel Journal$87 0.31
Defense Law Journal$214 
Delaware Journal of Corporate Law$50 2.17
Delaware Law Review$40 
Denver Journal of International Law and Policy$40 1.16
DePaul Business & Commercial Law Journal$85 0.34
DePaul Journal for Social Justice$30 0.51
DePaul Journal of Art, Technology & Intellectual Property Law$40 0.41
DePaul Journal of Health Care Law$50 0.45
DePaul Journal of Sports Law & Contemporary Problems$50 0.17
DePaul Law Review$35 5.16
Deviant Behavior$868 0
Digest: National Italian American Bar Association Law Journal$25 0
Drake Journal of Agricultural Law$40 0.76
Drake Law Review$33 2.69
Duke Environmental Law & Policy Forum$30 1.43
Duke Forum for Law & Social Change$20 0.49
Duke Journal of Comparative & International Law$38 1.69
Duke Journal of Constitutional Law & Public Policy$40 1.04
Duke Journal of Gender Law & Policy$22 3.38
Duquesne Business Law Journal$15 0.73
East West Review of Labor Law and Social Policy$154 0
Elder Law Journal$25 1.45
Election Law Journal: Rules, Politics, and Policy$825 0.04
Emory Bankruptcy Developments Journal$32 0.93
Emory International Law Review$28 1.98
Emory Law Journal$40 6.81
Employee Relations Law Journal$439 0.01
Employee Rights and Employment Policy Journal$60 0.62
Energy Law Journal$35 1.51
Entertainment and Sports Lawyer$60 0.16
Environmental & Energy Law & Policy Journal$40 
Environmental Claims Journal$506 0
Environmental Justice$433 0
Environmental Law$40 2.78
Environmental Law Reporter, News & Analysis$1995 0.04
Environs: Environmental Law and Policy Journal$30 0.6
Estate Planning$405 0.03
Estate Planning & Community Property Law Journal$35 0.23
Ethics: An International Journal of Social, Political, and Legal Philosophy$200 0.07
European Business Law Review$733 0.01
European Business Organization Law Review$273 0.06
European Competition Law Review$1361 0
European Constitutional Law Review$145 0.06
European Human Rights Law Review$653 0.02
European Intellectual Property Review$1585 0.01
European International Arbitration Review$295 0.02
European Journal of International law$295 0.51
European Journal of Law and Economics$975 0.01
European Journal of Migration and Law$461 0.01
European Law Journal$1057 0.03
European Law Review$1044 0.02
European Public Law$613 0.01
European Review of Private Law$758 0
False Claims Act and Qui Tam Quarterly Review$349 0
Family & Intimate Partner Violence Quarterly$239.95 0
Family Advocate$45 0.15
Family Court Review$668 0.12
Faulkner Law Review$15 0.32
FDCC Quarterly$60 0.06
Federal Circuit Bar Journal$100 0.48
Federal Communications Law Journal$30 1.85
Federal Lawyer$35 0.76
Federal Sentencing Reporter$399 0.03
Feminist Criminology$594 0.01
Feminist Legal Studies$209 0.02
First Amendment Law Review$35 1.36
FIU Law Review$18 0.83
Fletcher Forum of World Affairs$50 0.29
Florida A & M University Law Review$14.50 0.25
Florida Coastal Law Review$24 1.01
Florida Journal of International Law$40 0.94
Florida Law Review$45 5.52
Florida State University Business Review$30 
Florida State University Journal of Transnational Law & Policy$30 0.77
Florida State University Law Review$30 5.05
Florida Tax Review$125 0.24
Food and Drug Law Journal$379 0.18
For the Defense$65 0.02
Fordham Environmental Law Review$20 2.01
Fordham Intellectual Property, Media & Entertainment Law Journal$80 1.5
Fordham International Law Journal$65 1.93
Fordham Journal of Corporate & Financial Law$50 1.51
Fordham Law Review$40 14.32
Fordham Urban Law Journal$48 3.47
Franchise Law Journal$50 0.27
Freedom Center Journal$33 0.01
Gaming Law Review and Economics$2672 0.01
George Mason Law Review$40 3.96
George Mason University Civil Rights Law Journal$60 0.67
George Washington International Law Review$42 1.37
Georgetown Immigration Law Journal$30 2.6
Georgetown International Environmental Law Review$40 1.32
Georgetown Journal of Gender and the Law$35 0.65
Georgetown Journal of International Law$40 1.8
Georgetown Journal of Law & Modern Critical Race Perspectives$30 0.03
Georgetown Journal of Law & Public Policy$35 1.29
Georgetown Journal of Legal Ethics$40 4.38
Georgetown Journal on Poverty Law & Policy$30 1.84
Georgetown Law Journal$60 9.47
Georgetown Law Journal Annual Review of Criminal Procedure$75 0.83
Georgia Journal of International and Comparative Law$25 1.9
Georgia Law Review$34 4.61
Glendale Law Review$9 0.03
Global Governance: A Review of Multilateralism and International Organizations$140 0.09
Global Jurist$215 0.03
Golden Gate University Environmental Law Journal$23 0.68
Golden Gate University Law Review$35 1.08
Gonzaga Law Review$35 1.5
Green Bag$40 1.73
Hamline Journal of Public Law and Policy$32 0.94
Hamline Law Review$20 2.26
Harvard Environmental Law Review$40 2.91
Harvard Human Rights Journal$30 1.87
Harvard Journal of Law & Gender$40 2.62
Harvard Journal of Law & Technology$50 2.54
Harvard Journal on Racial and Ethnic Justice$30 0.64
Harvard Latino Law Review$30 1.13
Harvard Law Review$200 4.25
Harvard Negotiation Law Review$50 1.15
Hastings Business Law Journal$40 1.13
Hastings Communications and Entertainment Law Journal (Comm/Ent)$40 1.19
Hastings Constitutional Law Quarterly$40 1.96
Hastings International and Comparative Law Review$40 1.18
Hastings Race and Poverty Law Journal$40 0.76
Hastings West-Northwest Journal of Environmental Law and Policy$40 0.71
Hastings Women's Law Journal$40 1.07
Health and Human Rights: An International Journal$39 0.12
Health Law Journal$45 0.1
Health Matrix: Journal of Law-Medicine$25 1.6
Heckerling Institute on Estate Planning$302 0.05
Hofstra Labor and Employment Law Journal$15 1.88
Hofstra Law Review$26 6.71
Holy Cross Journal of Law and Public Policy$25 0.03
Homicide Studies$703 0
Hong Kong Law Journal$120 0.12
Houston Business and Tax Law Journal$51 0.43
Houston Journal of Health Law & Policy$70 0.32
Houston Journal of International Law$30 1.29
Houston Law Review$35 5.22
Howard Law Journal$34 2.54
Human Life Review$25 0.01
Human Rights$25 0.4
Human Rights Law Review$364 0.15
Human Rights Quarterly$190 0.16
I/S - A Journal of Law and Policy for the Information Society$100 0.39
ICSID Review: Foreign Investment Law Journal$95 0.08
IDEA: The Intellectual Property Law Review$68 0.77
ILSA Journal of International and Comparative Law$35 1.08
Immigration and Nationality Law Review$108 
Indiana Health Law Review$20 1.49
Indiana International & Comparative Law Review$18 1.41
Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies$70 0.81
Indiana Law Journal$35 9.45
Indiana Law Review$30 3.56
Indigenous Peoples' Journal of Law, Culture & Resistance$30 
Industrial Law Journal$204 0.08
Industrial Relations: A Journal of Economy & Society$310 0.02
Intellectual Property Law Bulletin$30 0.43
Intellectual Property Quarterly$671 0.01
Intercultural Human Rights Law Review$40 0.43
Interdisciplinary Journal of Human Rights Law$200 0.01
International and Comparative Law Quarterly$320 0.21
International Arbitration Law Review$663 0.01
International Commentary on Evidence$175 0.01
International Community Law Review$423 0.02
International Criminal Justice Review$289 0.01
International Criminal Law Review$795 0.02
International Journal of Comparative and Applied Criminal Justice$242 0
International Journal of Comparative Labour Law and Industrial Relations$267 0.01
International Journal of Constitutional Law$337 0.22
International Journal of Cultural Property$250 0.02
International Journal of Evidence and Proof$315 0.02
International Journal of Human Rights$1060 0.01
International Journal of Law & Information Technology$438 0.04
International Journal of Law in Context$256 0.03
International Journal of Law, Policy and the Family$392 0.05
International Journal of Legal Information$95 0.14
International Journal of Marine and Coastal Law$977 0.01
International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology$814 0.01
International Journal of Refugee Law$474 0.04
International Journal of the Legal Profession$664 0.01
International Lawyer$60 1.38
International Organizations Law Review$304 0.03
International Review of Constitutionalism$169 0.01
International Review of Intellectual Property and Competition Law$480 0.03
International Review of Law and Economics$670 0.03
International Review of the Red Cross$308 0.1
International Society of Barristers Quarterly$10 0
International Tax Journal$349 0
Iowa Law Review$52 7.94
Israel Law Review$65 0.3
Issues in Law & Medicine$149 
Issues in Legal Scholarship$150 0.03
Jeffrey S. Moorad Sports Law Journal$25 1.88
John Marshall Journal of Information Technology & Privacy Law$97.50 0.23
John Marshall Law Review$22 3.66
Journal of Affordable Housing and Community Development Law$60 0.17
Journal of African Law$192 0.02
Journal of Air Law and Commerce$43 0.44
Journal of American Arbitration$168 0.06
Journal of Animal & Natural Resources Law$18 0.13
Journal of Animal Law & Ethics$30 
Journal of Appellate Practice and Process$25 0.91
Journal of Arts Management, Law, and Society$257 0
Journal of BioLaw and Business$325 0
Journal of Biosecurity, Biosafety and Biodefense Law$331 0
Journal of Business & Securities Law$28 0.48
Journal of Business & Technology Law$30 1.81
Journal of Business Law$718 0.01
Journal of Business, Entrepreneurship & the Law$28 0.52
Journal of Catholic Legal Studies$20 0.88
Journal of Church and State$156 0.03
Journal of Civil Litigation$100 0
Journal of College and University Law$67 0.01
Journal of Competition Law and Economics$522 0.09
Journal of Conflict and Security Law$368 0.08
Journal of Conflict Resolution$1088 0.01
Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice$570 0.01
Journal of Contemporary Health Law and Policy$20 1.34
Journal of Contemporary Legal Issues$37 0.86
Journal of Contract Law$310 0.01
Journal of Corporate Law Studies$280 0.03
Journal of Corporation Law$46 3.7
Journal of Court Innovation$49 
Journal of Digital Forensics, Security and Law$395 0
Journal of Dispute Resolution$35 1.98
Journal of Empirical Legal Studies$416 0.25
Journal of Energy & Development$45 0.01
Journal of Environmental Law$398 0.03
Journal of Environmental Law and Litigation$16 1.77
Journal of Ethnicity in Criminal Justice$376 0
Journal of Eurasian Law$230 0
Journal of Food Law and Policy$34 0.43
Journal of Forensic Economics$110 0
Journal of Gender, Race & Justice$45 1.07
Journal of Hate Studies$25 0.03
Journal of Health & Biomedical Law$25 1.11
Journal of Health & Life Sciences Law$199 0.11
Journal of Health Care Law & Policy$32 1.17
Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law$428 0.08
Journal of Intellectual Property Law$30 1.34
Journal of International Affairs$60 0.05
Journal of International Arbitration$935 0.02
Journal of International Banking Law and Regulation$1536 0
Journal of International Business & Law$15 0.99
Journal of International Criminal Justice$708 0.12
Journal of International Economic Law$514 0.14
Journal of International Media and Entertainment Law$85 0.11
Journal of International Wildlife Law & Policy$268 0.01
Journal of Islamic Law and Culture$311 0
Journal of Land Use & Environmental Law$30 1.45
Journal of Law & Education$97.50 0.47
Journal of Law & Family Studies$10 5.11
Journal of Law & Politics$40 1.12
Journal of Law & Social Challenges$27 
Journal of Law and Commerce$20 0.43
Journal of Law and Policy$11 8.09
Journal of Law and Religion$35 0.67
Journal of Law and Social Deviance$45 
Journal of Law and Society$728 0.02
Journal of Law in Society$25 0.35
Journal of Law, Business & Ethics$25 
Journal of Law, Economics & Policy$40 0.8
Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics$260 0.52
Journal of Law, Philosophy and Culture$40 0.06
Journal of Legal Advocacy & Practice$35 
Journal of Legal Affairs and Dispute Resolution in Engineering and Construction$268 0
Journal of Legal Analysis$25 2.98
Journal of Legal Aspects of Sport$150 0.06
Journal of Legal Economics$60 0.04
Journal of Legal Pluralism and Unofficial Law$73 0.02
Journal of Legal Studies in Business$40 0.02
Journal of Legal Technology Risk Management$100 0.04
Journal of Legislation$23 1.1
Journal of Maritime Law and Commerce$250 0.1
Journal of Media Law & Ethics$149 0.01
Journal of National Security Law & Policy$30 1.12
Journal of Nursing Law$275 0
Journal of Pension Planning & Compliance$369 0
Journal of Private International Law$186 0.06
Journal of Psychiatry & Law$125 0.04
Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency$680 0.01
Journal of Securities & Futures Law$495 0
Journal of Southern Legal History$35 0.02
Journal of Space Law$120 0.03
Journal of State Taxation$275 0
Journal of Supreme Court History$163 0.05
Journal of Taxation$370 0.08
Journal of Taxation of Investments$259 0
Journal of Technology Law & Policy$35 0.69
Journal of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers$25 1
Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law$155 0.13
Journal of the American College of Construction Lawyers$80 0.01
Journal of the Copyright Society of the U.S.A.$50 0.6
Journal of the Federal Circuit Historical Society$25 0.03
Journal of the Institute of Justice and International Studies$50 0.03
Journal of the Legal Profession$24 1.27
Journal of the National Association of Administrative Law Judiciary$20 0.71
Journal of the Patent and Trademark Office Society$60 0.99
Journal of the Professional Lawyer$30 0.38
Journal of Tort Law$225 0.09
Journal of Transnational Law & Policy$20 
Journal of Transportation Law, Logistics and Policy$100 0.01
Journal of World Intellectual Property$670 0.01
Journal of World Investment & Trade$870 0.01
Journal of World Trade$1126 0.01
Journal: The Virginia Trial Lawyers Association$170 0
Judges' Journal$25 0.38
Jurimetrics$45 1.37
Jurist: Studies in Church Law and Ministry$50 0.01
Justice Quarterly$828 0.01
Justice System Journal$40 0.63
Juvenile and Family Court Journal$274 0.01
Kansas Journal of Law & Public Policy$45 1.03
Kentucky Journal of Equine, Agriculture, & Natural Resources Law$20 0.47
Kentucky Law Journal$42 1.86
King's Law Journal$187 0.03
Landslide$295 0.05
Law & Ethics of Human Rights$331 0.06
Law & Literature$225 0.05
Law & Policy$473 0.06
Law & Sexuality$20 0.89
Law & Social Inquiry$376 0.26
Law and Business Review of the Americas$60 0.65
Law and Critique$235 0.01
Law and Development Review$325 0.01
Law and History Review$175 0.21
Law and Inequality$18 2.9
Law and Philosophy$668 0.04
Law and Practice of International Courts and Tribunals$330 0.02
Law and Psychology Review$12 1.64
Law Library Journal$110 0.38
Law Quarterly Review$373 0.07
Law, Culture and the Humanities$565 0.01
Law, Probability and Risk$558 0.03
Legal Ethics$149 0.06
Legal Issues of Economic Integration$426 0.01
Legal Reference Services Quarterly$398 0.01
Legal Studies$260 0.04
Legal Studies Forum$100 0.01
Legal Theory$287 0.06
Leiden Journal of International Law$274 0.15
Lewis & Clark Law Review$40 5.54
Liberty University Law Review$35 0.29
Lincoln Law Review$20 0.09
Litigation$143 0.11
Lloyd's Maritime and Commercial law Quarterly$531 0.01
Los Angeles Public Interest Law Journal$20 0.06
Loyola Consumer Law Review$15 2.65
Loyola Journal of Public Interest Law$10 2.46
Loyola Law and Technology Annual$28 0.12
Loyola Law Review$30 1.62
Loyola Maritime Law Journal$10 0.34
Loyola of Los Angeles Entertainment Law Review$40 0.54
Loyola of Los Angeles International & Comparative Law Review$40 0.69
Loyola of Los Angeles Law Review$40 3.51
Loyola University Chicago Law Journal$25 4.3
Maastricht Journal of European and Comparative Law$156 0.03
Maine Law Review$35 1.7
Manitoba Law Journal$35 0.08
Marquette Elder's Advisor$35 0.5
Marquette Intellectual Property Law Review$25 1.92
Marquette Sports Law Review$35 0.83
Max Planck Yearbook of United Nations Law$169 0.03
McGill Law Journal$40 1.04
Medical Law Review$402 0.03
Medical Trial Technique Quarterly$837 0
Medicine and Law$100 0.15
Melbourne Journal of International Law$42 0.69
Melbourne University Law Review$30 0.91
Mercer Law Review$40 1.92
Michigan Journal of Gender & Law$30 1.27
Michigan Journal of International Law$35 3.02
Michigan Journal of Race & Law$30 1.74
Michigan Law Review$60 9.49
Michigan State International Law Review$29.95 1.37
Michigan State Law Review$32 5.42
Michigan State University Journal of Medicine and Law$18 0.85
Michigan Telecommunications and Technology Law Review$30 2.43
Military Law Review$17 1.85
Minnesota Journal of International Law$23 2.28
Minnesota Journal of Law, Science & Technology$20 3.89
Minnesota Law Review$50 9.96
Mississippi College Law Review$36 0.89
Mississippi Law Journal$35 2.43
Missouri Environmental Law and Policy Review$14 1.27
Missouri Law Review$40 3.72
Mitchell Hamline Law Review$40 2.88
Modern Law Review$378 0.1
Monash University Law Review$53 0.11
Montana Law Review$40 0.73
Municipal Lawyer$250 0
Muslim World Journal of Human Rights$225 0.01
Nanotechnology Law & Business$235 0.06
National Lawyers Guild Review$50 0.09
National Tax Journal$220 0.11
Natural Resources & Environment$80 0.54
Nebraska Law Review$50 2.21
Negotiation Journal$735 0.02
Netherlands International Law Review$520 0.01
Netherlands Quarterly of Human Rights$175 0.02
Netherlands Yearbook of International Law$165 0.03
Nevada Law Journal$30 4.26
New Criminal Law Review$229 0.16
New England Journal on Criminal and Civil Confinement$25 1.53
New England Law Review$35 2.01
New Mexico Law Review$40 1.14
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New York University Journal of Law & Liberty$30 1.52
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New York University Review of Law & Social Change$28 3.19
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North Dakota Law Review$30 1.81
North East Journal of Legal Studies$25 
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Northern Kentucky Law Review$35 1.19
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Northwestern Law Review$50 9.08
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Ocean Development and International law$743 0.01
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Oklahoma Law Review$30 1.79
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Santa Clara Law Review$54 2.13
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Trial$79 0.28
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University of Toronto Law Journal$180 0.27
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Utah Environmental Law Review$25 0.98
Valparaiso University Law Review$30 3.16
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Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law$30 4.41
Vanderbilt Law Review$50 7.72
Vera Lex$40 0
Vermont Journal of Environmental Law$39 1.09
Vermont Law Review$32 2.87
Victoria University of Wellington Law Review$125.15 0.1
Villanova Environmental Law Journal$22 1.2
Virginia Environmental Law Journal$40 1.21
Virginia Journal of International Law$50 2.77
Virginia Journal of Social Policy & the Law$50 1.12
Virginia Law & Business Review$93 0.51
Virginia Law Review$115 4.37
Virginia Sports and Entertainment Law Journal$25 0.95
Virginia Tax Review$54 1.33
Wake Forest Law Review$35 6.26
War Crimes, Genocide & Crimes Against Humanity$30 0
Washburn Law Journal$30 3.2
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Washington and Lee Law Review$75 2.88
Washington International Law Journal$42.50 0.91
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Washington University Global Studies Law Review$37.50 0.87
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Western Legal History$25 0.01
Western New England Law Review$25 1.86
Western State University Law Review$30 0.49
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Whittier Law Review$40 0.96
Widener Law Journal$32 1.4
Widener Law Review$35 0.94
Willamette Journal of International Law and Dispute Resolution$25 0.27
Willamette Law Review$35 1.66
William & Mary Bill of Rights Journal$35 4.28
William & Mary Environmental Law and Policy Review$30 2.25
William & Mary Journal of Women and the Law$35 1.86
William & Mary Policy Review$35 0.05
William and Mary Business Law Review$40 0.36
William and Mary Law Review$40 9.48
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Windsor Yearbook of Access to Justice$83 0.11
Wisconsin International Law Journal$44 1.37
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Wisconsin Law Review$40 6.08
Women Lawyers Journal$55 0.02
Women's Rights Law Reporter$40 0.58
World Arbitration & Mediation Review$650 0.01
World Competition: Law and Economics Review$515 0.01
World Trade and Arbitration Materials$672 0
Wyoming Law Review$18 2.24
Yale Human Rights & Development Law Journal$25 1.1
Yale Journal of Health Policy, Law, and Ethics$39 1.22
Yale Journal of International Law$30 4.28
Yale Journal of Law & the Humanities$34 1.58
Yale Journal of Law and Feminism$30 1.92
Yale Journal on Regulation$30 3.54
Yale Law & Policy Review$30 3.37
Yearbook of Cultural Property Law$79 0.02
Yearbook on Arbitration and Mediation$69.95 0.07
Youth Violence and Juvenile Justice$310 0.01